Ana Quincoces Claims Alexia Echevarria’s Divorce is for RHOM “Storyline” & She Was on “Chopping Block” in Leaked DM, Plus Marysol Reacts to the Split News

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Alexia Nepola’s Ex-BFF Ana Claims Divorce Is Happening for a “Storyline” Because Alexia Was “On The Chopping Block,” Plus Marysol Says She Was “Taken by Surprise” by Split, and Teases That Alexia Will Discuss It on Podcast

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Alexia Nepola’s ex-bestie Ana Quincoces claimed the divorce with Todd is happening for a “storyline” because Alexia’s “head” was “on the chopping block” on Real Housewives of Miami.

Meanwhile, Alexia’s friend and castmate Marysol Patton said she was “completely taken by surprise” over the split, and she teased that Alexia will discuss it on their podcast.

“Make no mistake, the cast shakeup and the divorce are related,” wrote Ana in messages shared by her podcast account, @mamiissuesthepod, via @allabouttrh on Instagram. “The timing of the inevitable split is fortuitous and a little too coincidental. When your head is on the chopping block and someone is done with you, they’re willing to help you stay employed.”

“Who is blindsided by a divorce these day[s]?” the message went on, addressing Alexia’s claim that Todd blindsided her. “Papi doesn’t want to pay alimony so he’ll be the bad guy and give you your story line. Period, end of story.”

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On Alexia’s Ay Por Favor podcast, her co-host Marysol shared her own reaction to the news.

 “We’re all a little shocked and it’s not a good day for her to be here and participate,” said Marysol, via Us Weekly. “What can I say? I am completely taken by surprise. I mean, I didn’t see this coming. It rips my heart apart because I can only put myself in her shoes and know how hard this must be for her.”

“We all have that dream of being in love and then we find a partner and we have the fantasy of the perfect life and then reality hits sometimes and it’s not what we thought it was going to be,” she added. “Today we all got a big cold dose of reality. Things don’t always turn out the way we had planned. I’m very sad for her.”

Marysol declared her support for Alexia amid the turmoil.

“I will always be here for her and give her support,” she explained. “Our phones have been blowing up today. I’ve told people, ‘Don’t text her. Give her some time.’ She needs to just be alone and figure it out because it’s all so new and fresh and shocking. I’m going to be there for her. I’m always there for her.”

“If anyone knows that Alexia will see better times ahead, it’s me,” the star continued. “I’ve been through the ringer with her. She’s been through the ringer with me. We’ve been through deaths, divorces, marriages, TV shows, canceled TV shows, rebooted TV shows. Now we get to talk about it on our podcast.”

“When she’s ready to talk about it, she will because Alexia is a sharer and that’s why she’s on a reality show because she knows how to share and be open and be raw and be real,” stated her friend. “If there’s anything I know about Alexia, she’s strong and she’s a fighter and resilient. She has been through a lot and she always comes out on the other end shining.”