Brittany Cartwright Addresses Rumor She Flirted With Carl Radke, Plus She Calls Out Double Standards as Jax Questions Her Drinking Habits and Tells Her to: “Act Like a Mom” on The Valley

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Brittany Cartwright Addresses Rumor She Flirted With Carl Radke, Plus She Calls Out Double Standards as Jax Questions Her Drinking Habits and Tells Her to: “Act Like a Mom” on The Valley

Credit: Jaxon/MEGA, Bravo

Brittany Cartwright addressed a rumor she flirted with Carl Radke, as her husband Jax Taylor claimed on The Valley that he’s worried about her drinking.

The flirting rumor surfaced after Brittany – who’s now separated from Jax, though they filmed the current season while still together – was spotted talking to Carl at Ariana Madix’s Chicago performance on Broadway.

“There’s a rumor that you guys had some kind of, like, a flirtatious thing going on. It didn’t come from me,” stated Jax on their When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany podcast.

But Brittany denied it.

“We said maybe five words to each other,” she shared via Heavy, adding that Carl in their brief encounter “was very nice.”

When Brittany asked if the rumor made Jax “jealous,” he said he wasn’t, as he “know[s] Carl pretty well.”

“I laughed it off when I heard,” claimed Jax.

On a recent episode of The Valley, the father of one shaded Brittany’s drinking.

“I get mad when you get home wasted and come into the room when I’m sleeping,” said the star, via Us Weekly. “That is when I get mad at you.”

But in her confessional interview, Brittany called attention to other issues in the relationship.

“I love Jax but I literally try to be positive and happy and Jax is a lot of the time moody and negative,” she explained. “A lot of the times I feel like we balance each other out in a way but otherwise, I am like, ‘I gotta get out of here. I gotta go do something fun.’”

On a getaway trip with her friends, Brittany further shaded Jax.

“The guys are so hypocritical and have all these double standards sometimes. It is so annoying. Like the other day, I was not feeling good and Jax kept making it worse,” said Brittany. “He actually goes out way more than I do. Which I don’t even care. He comes home drunk but if I do then it is the worst thing in the world.”

In a flashback, Jax called out his wife when she was feeling sick. “You know better. Enough is enough. Stop f—king drinking,” he said at the time. “You want to have more kids? Act like a mom.”

Brittany’s friend Janet then expressed in a confessional: “Sometimes I am a little concerned about how lit Brittany is getting, I’ll be honest. But at the same time, she is married to Jax Taylor.”

In a later scene, Jax confronted Brittany after she came home feeling hungover.

“You came home throwing up all over the place. There was literally a bag of vomit in the driveway. I want you to have fun but I didn’t think you were going to come home puking,” said Jax. “I don’t understand why you can’t go out and have a couple of drinks. Why do you have to go to the point of throwing up?”

But Brittany said she wouldn’t let her husband make her feel “guilty” over something he also does. She claimed that Jax went out as often as her, but she didn’t call him out about it. Jax responded that he wouldn’t behave how Brittany behaves.

“I am a little worried because not only is she my wife but she’s a mother,” he expressed in his confessional interview. “We need you. If you keep this up, you are going to destroy your body. There’s other ways to have a good time. We live in California, you can smoke a joint. You can do other things.”

Brittany eventually addressed how her husband doesn’t make her “feel sexy” before Jax shared his version of events.

“When you are down up here, it is really hard to get up right here,” he said of his mental health and how it affects his sexual performance. “The reason I am so stressed out right now is I have been at the bottom. I know what it is like to sit around and wait for the phone to ring for a long time. Now I have too much going on and that’s becoming a problem. It’s like I can’t win. I’m just trying to make everyone happy and it is so hard.”

But Jax reminded his wife that the “d-word” wasn’t in their vocabulary before Brittany backed him up, indicating that divorce is “not happening.”

Since filming wrapped, Brittany moved into an Airbnb, and she says their future is up in the air.