Savannah Chrisley Explains Why She Banned Lindsie Chrisley From Court for Parents’ Hearing, Plus She Says Grayson ‘Really Struggled’ After Hearing

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Savannah Chrisley Responds to Lindsie Revealing She Was Banned From Parents' Hearing as She Shares Why and Says Grayson Had a Panic Attack

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It’s been a rough couple of years for the Chrisley family, as Chrisley Knows Best alums, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley are currently serving time for fraud charges. However, Todd’s daughter Lindsie Chrisley recently revealed on her podcast that she was not allowed to attend an April 19th hearing. Now, Savannah Chrisley has issued a response and is letting the public know why she was barred from attending. Plus, Savannah revealed that the hearing was difficult for her brother, Grayson Chrisley

Of course, Lindsie has been estranged from some of her family for some years. In particular, she’s had a pretty contentious public relationship with Savannah in recent months. 

It is now being reported that Savannah sent Lindsie very direct message through her grandmother about not attending the hearing. Savannah shared on her Instagram Story, “I most certainly told her privately to not attend. I told her that she was not wanted, that my dad did not want her there, and that he didn’t care to have a relationship with her. “

Savannah continues, “So, I said all of these things. I am more than happy that I said them, and it’s my parents’ appeal. They have the right to say who they want there and who they don’t.”

She said she had no plans to address the situation publicly but felt the need to do so after Lindsie talked about it on her podcast, Southern Tea. 

In the episode, Lindsie said she understood why she was barred from attending. 

According to Lindsie, “I was not in attendance. I know a lot [of] people were saying from the footage that they saw from the courthouse that they did not see me there, and that’s because I was not there. I do feel that it was in the best interest for me and everyone else.”

She goes on, “My sister privately let the message get to us that she did not want us present at the hearing. And it was shared with me that if we were there, there would be issues and that we would be asked to leave.”

However, she does feel that Savannah is using “control” and “manipulation” over the family. 

She said, “It very much alarms me, and I’m just going to leave it at that.”

According to People, Savannah recently shared on her Unlocked podcast that her brother, Grayson, had a panic attack after the recent hearing. 

She said, “Poor Gray. Grayson wanted to be there so badly. I gave him the option of coming because I did not want to force something that maybe he wasn’t ready for, and he insisted he be there.”

Savannah continued, “He had a full-blown panic attack because of the PTSD revolving around being in a courtroom — it’s really, really tough. It’s really tough for me.”

As fans know, Todd was sentenced to 12 years, while Julie got seven years. They entered prison in January of 2023.