Jill Zarin Shares New Details on Her Appearance on Below Deck as She Denies Being a “Freeloader,” and Suggests Crew Dissed Her for Ratings, Plus Reveals Charter Price & Tip

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Jill Zarin Reveals New Details on Her Below Deck Experience, Denies She Was a “Freeloader,” and Addresses Price and Tip of Charter


Jill Zarin revealed new details concerning her Below Deck experience, denied she was a “freeloader,” and addressed the price and tip.

The Real Housewives of New York alum – who was criticized for her demands to crew – came onto the boat as a friend of the primary guest (who often pays for the bulk of the charter).

“One of the crew said — I think she was instigated to say — that I was a freeloader,” said Jill on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. “Which is so outrageous. I actually did pay, and not only did I pay to get there and pay for my hotel, we shared in the tip.”

“So just financially, it was $45,000 [for the primary guest] for two nights, which is five meals,” she went on. “I should never have [done the show], obviously.”

According to Jill, they “already take money from you pre-tip, and then you can add to it. So we added another $6,000 to the tip, which, in hindsight, was stupid. But we gave a $ 10,000-a-day tip for eight people. So per meal, it came to like $2,000 per day per meal, and we didn’t eat two meals, as you saw on the show.”

Though it appeared that they gave less of a tip than the charter before, the proportions were equal – given the amount of days they stayed.

“What they’re saying is that boat is a $350,000 a week boat, and they’re giving you 50 off. That’s not true. That boat is about $45,000 for two nights,” she shared.

Jill claimed “lunch” and “dinner” was a “disaster,” and the chef was later “fired” because he “wasn’t up to serving” that “kind of a group.”

“So we didn’t eat,” she said. “And if I was a little cranky, well, it could be because I was starving, and I kept on asking for an apple or a piece of fruit, and nobody would give me any.”

She claimed each of her “suggestion[s]” were just “teaching moment[s],” which she gave in a “nice and loving way.”

Jill also shared that someone told her she didn’t have toiletries in her room because “Bravo took it off the boat because they didn’t want to pay to promote the brands, like Crest or whatever.” She then denied she was getting “canceled.”

The star stated that the crew dissed her for “ratings,” and it worked, though it was “not nice.”