Kim Zolciak Shares Where She Stands With Daughter Ariana After Her Reaction to Controversial “RIP” Post, Plus Bank Sets New Foreclosure Date on Kim’s Home

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Kim Zolciak Shares Where She Stands With Daughter Ariana After Her Reaction to Controversial “RIP” Post, Plus Bank Sets New Foreclosure Date on Kim’s Home

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Kim Zolciak’s home will reportedly fall into foreclosure unless the Don’t Be Tardy star takes action fast. Meanwhile, Kim shared where she stands with her daughter Ariana Biermann – who revealed her shocked reaction after Kim wrote a ‘clickbait’ post leading fans to believe her estranged husband Kroy Biermann passed away.

In a statement to Celeb Buzz, Kim first doubled down on her “RIP” caption under a photo of her estranged husband (which linked to an article about celebrities who recently passed away).

“And the story it linked to also had nothing to do with Kroy dying,” said Kim. “The story was a tribute to many we’ve lost this past year. And yes my relationship was lost too so it seemed fitting.”

“People also need to get serious,” Kim continued. “Do you actually think if Kroy died—even with all of the issues we’ve had—my first instinct would be to go to my Instagram and post #LinkInBio with his pic and #RIP attached?”

She then reacted to daughter Ariana’s shady response to the post.

“Everyone is asking me about the truth about Ariana and I, like, is our relationship fractured because she discussed a post that I made on Instagram?” she said. “Some people claimed I was implying Kroy died (which I already addressed was the FARTHEST thing from the truth last week).”

“Ariana and I are great,” she went on. “We have always had an extremely close mother/daughter relationship and always will … Divorces are messy, and clearly even though I have my issues with Kroy, he was such a big part of raising them and their childhood. I do understand why they still have loyalty to and love for Kroy.”

She explained she “would never, EVER do anything to take that away from them or any of our children … However, to expand on Ariana ‘slamming me for implying Kroy died’, Ariana knows d**n well that if something ever happened to Kroy, she would’ve been immediately notified long before any Instagram post.”

“She was just really responding to her own DMS that she was getting slamming me, claiming I said Kroy died. Which, again, I NEVER said and NEVER implied,” said the star. “People need to learn how to read and dissect information before jumping to conclusions and claiming I said things I did not.”

“So, just to make it extremely clear, Ariana and I were, are, and ALWAYS will be good. I love her and she loves me and that’s that,” she expressed. “That’s really all there is to it.”

In more Kim Zolciak news, in January, Truist Bank filed legal documents emphasizing their right to take possession of the home. However, the case was later transferred to an inactive docket. In October, the couple apparently put the house on the market to sell it before a possible foreclosure.

Per new paperwork obtained by TMZ, Truist Bank gave notice of its plan to enact a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding either on or after May 3. This isn’t necessarily a signal that Kim and Kroy must be out by that time, but it will begin the legal process.

The bank notified the couple that it would move forward with the foreclosure unless Kim and Kroy fought it back in court.

Though Kim and Kroy cut the price of their home from $6 million to $4.5 million, it seems no one has offered to buy it for the desired price, and now the bank wants to handle the sale process.