The Valley’s Michelle Lally Shares Sad Update on Kristen Relationship After Pregnancy Diss, Plus She Addresses Affair Rumor, If New Beau Aaron Will Appear on Show, and Dishes on Ex Jesse

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Michelle Lally Reveals She Reached Out to Kristen Doute to Apologize for Pregnancy Insult, Says She’s Watching Show with New Boyfriend, and Claims He Met Ex Jesse Lally

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Michelle Lally revealed she reached out to Kristen Doute to apologize for her pregnancy insult, shared she’s watching The Valley with her new boyfriend, and claimed he met her ex Jesse Lallywho she’s now divorcing.

On a recent episode of The Valley, Michelle said in a confessional that Kristen should not have children. The comment shocked many fans given that Kristen and her boyfriend Luke are actively trying.

“When I watched one of the episodes, I had a very rude comment in my interview bites about her and [Luke] not having a child. I don’t remember the exact words I used, but when I rewatched it, I actually felt really bad and awful,” said Michelle in an interview with Us Weekly. “Because that’s not even me.”

Michelle claimed she didn’t “remember saying” it until the scene aired: “But again, I was so angry. Not that I’m trying to say that it was right, it was very wrong.”

“Although I had not spoken to her at all, I actually called her that night because I wanted to apologize and say that I didn’t mean that comment,” Michelle shared. “I should have never said anything like that. Unfortunately, she didn’t take my call or call me back. But I did make an effort to apologize.”

According to Michelle, Kristen’s claims about Michelle’s alleged emotional affair are “strange” because she once thought Kristen was her friend: “I felt very attacked and it was just one thing after the other. You’ll see that it never really stops.”

Michelle said she doesn’t envision “a path forward” for their friendship.

“Just so many things happen to me. It is just hard to see a future. I don’t know. But we are nowhere close to that yet,” she said. She then addressed the footage that showed Jax Taylor informing Kristen about her alleged communications with the other man.

“It’s probably a combination of both of them. I really don’t know exactly how it all started,” she said. “Watching that yesterday was the first time that I had heard or seen that part. I’m a little thrown off by it. My marriage is not a game. We have a child and it’s hard to watch.”

Michelle later spoke to Jax’s claim that his estranged wife Brittany – Michelle’s close friend – informed him about the rumors.

“I sent [Brittany] that message — that clip immediately. She said she’s happy to clear that up because she never said anything like that before,” she explained. “She was also surprised. We were both very surprised by that scene.”

She also told the outlet that her new boyfriend is watching the show.

“We’re dealing with it a week at a time. We actually [watch] the episodes together. So the first time I watch it, we watch it together,” shared Michelle. “And so sometimes he has to give me pep talks. But he’s been super, super supportive in every way.”

“He’s like, ‘I just am here to help and make everybody happy. So whatever I can do.’ And he has made a really good impression with everybody,” she added.

The star said the mystery man was “helpful” as she was “dealing” with Jesse amid the divorce. But will her new boyfriend appear on the show?

“I think he’s open to the idea. But I’m not sure because his profession is a financial director, so it’s just very opposite of reality TV,” she explained.

Michelle then addressed Kristen’s claim that she once had an “emotional affair” and a “secret boyfriend” while married.

“No, that’s not true. I text [and] talk [at] lunches, dinner with all kinds of people with real estate. I think people got confused about what networking is and Jesse was very aware of what everybody’s talking about. So none of that was hidden and Jesse and I were on the same page about everything,” she said. “I think [Kristen] just doesn’t understand the real estate aspect. She was my friend and I talked to her about certain things and I think she just maybe got the wrong idea. Let’s be real, Kristen changes stories and twists words and maybe she’s not paying attention.”

According to Michelle, Kristen was a “huge factor” concerning “a lot of the problems” related to Jesse.

“I’m not blaming Kristen for my failed marriage. I just think that she took my marriage as a game and she didn’t help the situation. But, of course, it wasn’t Kristen’s fault that we were unhappy,” said Michelle. “But when two people that are married are struggling and then you have somebody throwing all of these things at you, it just makes it that much harder to deal with.”

But Michelle said she’s happy with her new man.

“I haven’t been this happy. I don’t even remember the last time I was this happy. Me and my boyfriend, we get along really well. He’s super sweet,” said the star. “He does everything I want and above. He obviously knows Isabella and he’s incredible with children and loves her. It’s just really refreshing to have a really healthy and lovely relationship.”

She shared that Jesse also met the new guy.

“It was a little unexpected, a little surprise call. I was not expecting an invitation. I had actually told [Jesse] prior that I wanted to introduce him to my boyfriend and just the timing didn’t work. Then he said, ‘Well, I’m throwing this party, if you guys like to join. It’d be nice,’” said Michelle. “My boyfriend and I thought it was actually a great idea to do an introduction because it’s not so private and there’s other people and it might be just a little smoother and easier and more natural. So I think it was a very good night and we got to all spend it with Isabella.”