Vanderpump Rules Finale Recap: Lala Calls Out Ariana as Cast Turns on Her for Refusing to Film With Sandoval While He Makes Shocking Allegations & 4th Wall is Broken, Plus Katie Blasts Jo Over Schwartz, & Scheana Performs With Her Band

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Vanderpump Rules Finale Recap: Lala Calls Out Ariana as Cast Turns on Her for Refusing to Film With Sandoval as He Makes Shocking Allegations & 4th Wall is Broken, Plus Katie Blasts Jo Over Schwartz, & Scheana Performs With Her BandWe all can agree that we never saw this season of Vanderpump Rules ending well, right? I mean, let’s be honest. It’s impossible to refuse to film with someone, even though you live under the same roof as that someone (I’m looking at you, Ariana), and it’s impossible to force people to follow ultimatums, especially considering the history among this group.

Although Scheana is on a high after her live performance, she is still trying to balance her friendship with Ariana and a reconciliation with Sandoval. But after Sandoval tries to apologize to Ariana, it’s Lala that really lets her loose lips fly…

The whole crew is in San Francisco, and the hot topic is whether Sandoval will ever get to meet Ariana’s new man, Dan. Lala refers to Dan as a “square,” but he seems pretty chill, considering. Scheana talks about her “big deal” performance and how Sandoval will be assisting her throughout the show. She wonders if yesterday’s productive conversation with him was genuine, but she also laments how she is once again in an awkward position when it comes to Ariana.

Brock listens to Scheana and then says some fighting words. He claims that between Ariana and Sandoval, Sandoval has been the one who always reaches out and is there for Scheana, action-wise. While Scheana disagrees (because there are cameras up, I presume), she admits that Ariana is the one who “doesn’t wanna show up, but always wants to be invited.”

Sandoval is busy setting up for Scheana’s show, so Ariana and her boyfriend do not need to worry about bumping into him as they head out for lunch with the group. LOL at half the cast rocking their San Francisco tourist sweatshirts. Due to Lala’s interrogation, we learn that Dan is a 40-year-old trainer, who also bartends, may hope to have kids one day, and seems aloof when asked about Sandoval. Overall, he seems pretty normal.

Over lunch, Scheana explains how last night she pointed out to Sandoval that he weaponized Ariana’s mental health. Scheana claims that she saw his “mask” fall, but Katie jumps in and reminds everyone that there is no way to believe anything Sandoval says, ever. Brock lets Katie know that Scheana actually has a friendship with Sandoval, and Schwartz adds that Sandoval is not a trash person. Ariana refuses to let that slide — she warns Schwartz to watch what he says in a very threatening way. Katie tells Brock he should be defending Scheana from the people actually doing things, and not from her.

Post lunch, Brock surprises Scheana with a rose petal trail in their hotel room, and Scheana takes a moment to reflect on how Ariana received the news she shared during lunch about Sandoval. Scheana claims it’s not like she made up with Sandoval, but she is happy to see some growth. When LVP phones Scheana to wish her luck… and find out the tea… Scheana admits to still loving Sandoval, despite it all.

It is clear that Scheana is looking for approval from Ariana to work something out with Sandoval, but Katie understands that it’s not gonna happen that way. Lala points out that Ariana seems to have “rules” for her friends, but Katie reminds everyone that Sandoval didn’t make a mistake, he made choices. Repeatedly.

Schwartz reports back to Sandoval after the lunch, and he explains that Ariana’s new man is pretty great. Speaking of Ariana, Sandoval is set on apologizing to her, but he is hopeful that some of the tension will be lifted, and it will show her that he is really trying to take action to be a better person.

It’s the night of Kyle Chan’s Whiskey Launch Party and Scheana’s *big* performance. Scheana enters in look number one, and we learn that Sandoval paid his audio engineer to come out and help Scheana out of the goodness of his heart. Scheana is amped to have a whole band behind her… it’s certainly a far cry from her dancing on bars days ….

Ally and James take a moment to reflect on the weekend, and although they both love Hippie, James admits that he messed up. Ally is his main priority, not the dog. Ally shares that when she IS ready for marriage, James will be the one. James is happy that although he went through a lot of sh*t, he has finally met his perfect match.

Jo comes out of left field and beelines to Schwartz. She shares that she really does “love” him and that they would have made a great team. Although he may not be in her life as a boyfriend, she will take him any way she can. However, when it comes to Katie, the energy is really negative. Schwartz drags Jo over to the ladies, which means only drama can ensue. 

Jo apologizes to Katie, but Katie calls Jo weird… which is a mean girl move. Katie doesn’t feel like she owes Jo an apology, and she wonders how Jo pretending to be there for Katie after the divorce via text led to Jo having sex with Schwartz. Lala breaks it down for Jo, who reminds them both that there were months in between that. Jo also says that she was never Katie’s friend so she should “let him go.” Katie wishes that Jo would have picked literally anyone else, and Jo admits that she wasn’t thinking of Katie. Once a shaken Jo exits, Katie reminds Schwartz that if he wants to be her friend, he should keep it away from her.

Later, Sandoval thanks Brock for sticking up for him. Brock claims that he is friends with both sides of this Scandoval argument, but that it’s time for Sandoval to step up. Scheana wishes that Ariana could see how much she is struggling, as she is starting to lose herself by trying to stay #teamAriana.

Sandoval makes his way over and introduces himself to Dan, as Ariana gray rocks the sh*t out of him. I swear, I found myself holding my breath during this encounter. Because of this, Schwartz reminds Sandoval that now is not the right time to approach Ariana to try and talk.

Okay, so Scheana’s new stage name is now, Scheana Marie?! Loving how Sandoval just bops around to the song “Apples,” which is a nod to Scandoval… and he claims that is “stoked” to see Scheana exploding in her musical career. Man, he is really trying to get back in her good graces. Scheana is over the moon about Sandoval’s assistance but knows that things are still awkward between her and Ariana.

Speaking of Ariana, Scheana talks to her about seeing the genuine side of Sandoval that she has loved for 15 years. Ariana is exhausted by this chatter — Scheana is trying to sell something that Ariana is not interested in buying. Scheana essentially tries to ask for Ariana’s blessing to see Sandoval’s “path of growth,” but Ariana doesn’t want to hear it, and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want him to speak to her ever again, including an apology.

Ariana claims that she never gave people ultimatums about being friends with her or Sandoval, but a shady little flashback from the season proves otherwise. Ariana promises Scheana she will never lose her, and they even smooch on it. But when Sandoval breaks up the moment, Ariana storms off, claiming “non-informed consent,” and that he does not get access to her solely because cameras are rolling.

Ariana thinks that Sandoval is performative, and Scheana asks Sandoval if he’s trying to befriend her for real or because they are filming. This sets Sandoval off, and he blows up, calling Ariana the performative one who doesn’t even like any of the cast. As Ariana leaves the event and heads to Applebees, she points out that Sandoval has only tried to apologize when cameras are up.

“He’s never tried to talk to me off camera,” said Ariana about Sandoval. “He could’ve written something in a f–king letter and left it on the kitchen counter, and I could’ve read it at my leisure. But if he would only do it on camera, to me, you just showed your true colors.”

Sandoval angrily outs Ariana for being lazy this season, simply collecting a paycheck, but refusing to film certain things. Sandoval states that when push comes to shove, he’s the one that’s there. He also tells his castmates that Ariana pretty much hates their guts.

“Ariana, she doesn’t f–k with you guys. On the real,” said Sandoval to the cast. “She f–king talks sh-t about all you f–kers.”

 Scheana loses her sh-t and Sandoval apologizes for putting HER through a lot.

After sitting back and watching this unfold, Lala is ready to break the fourth wall, and man, is she gonna be in TROUBLE with Ariana for this. Lala is tired of Ariana thinking she is now Beyoncé after this Scandoval, and she thinks that it’s BS that she cannot film with Sandoval, yet she lives under the same roof as him. Lala goes on to say that Sandoval didn’t KILL anyone, and that “never in my life” has she experienced anyone get cheated on, and they are “suddenly God,” especially after Ariana moved on eight days later!

Vanderpump Rules cast breaks fourth wall to talk about Ariana’s refusal to film with Sandoval during the season 11 finale episode

Lala claims that Ariana walking out this way is a slap in the face, considering they’ve filmed for much of their adult lives. To see the younger versions of this group reminds us of all they’ve gone through over the years, and the lack of honesty when it came to Ariana and Sandoval’s relationship gets questioned.

As the season finale wraps up, we hear a producer say off-camera, “That’s the end.” While Schwartz calls this situation a “f*cking plot twist.”

Oh, but it gets better as Sandoval then delivers a chilling final line: “I love it. It’s good for me.” It seems like everyone got the memo on the redemption arc attempt for Sandoval… except for Sandoval.

This is gonna be some reunion.