RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Addresses Money Rumors With Luis Ruelas, Accuses Margaret of Putting Out Lies as She Shades Rachel and Slams John’s Allegations, Plus She Talks Gorgas and Most Recent Gift From Luis

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RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Addresses Money Rumors With Luis, Accuses Margaret of Putting Out Lies and Shades Rachel as She Slams John’s Allegations, Plus Her Most Recent Gift From Luis, Gorgas, and Meeting Taylor Swift

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey is off to a strong start this season. Of course, there’s all sorts of drama not only with the ladies but with the husbands as well following the premiere episode. Now, while doing press for the show, Teresa Giudice is opening up about what she calls lies that have been told about her relationship with Luis Ruelas, her status with Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorgoa, and she says Margaret Josephs has no storyline. 

Fans will recall that Teresa and Melissa aren’t on speaking terms following last season. Because of this, and other feuds on RHONJ, the show is extremely divided this season.  

Recently, she sat down with Billy Bush on Extra to discuss the new season of RHONJ. When asked about her relationship with her brother and sister-in-law, Teresa says, “That chapter is closed.”

Billy then asks, “How can it be?”

Teresa responds, “It’s closed. Did you watch when I was getting married, and they tried to make it all about them.”

She continues, “Chapter’s closed, and keep watching this season because something else comes out, which, you know, not shocking.”

Teresa then talks about “being on top” and cast members coming after her. In particular, she feels that Rachel Fuda picked the wrong team. 

She says, “Rachel fell into the trap of listening to other people, as you can see, because what happened at the reunion last year came out of nowhere.” 

They then talk specifically about the allegations that Luis contacted John Fuda‘s ex in prison. 

She says, “Oh, the reporter from The Sun contacted Fuda’s Ex, and she asked her… ‘Did Luis Ruelas ever contact you’ and she said ‘no.’ That reporter from The Sun put that out there also. Thank you to that reporter because she loves writing about me. I get a lot of clicks.”

The conversation then turns to Teresa and Luis celebrating almost two years of marriage. She says they are still in the honeymoon stage. When asked about a recent romantic thing he did for her, Teresa said, “He sent me 333 roses because I have a tattoo here[side] 333.”

Teresa explains the significance of the number and how her mother gave her “signs of 3s.”

She says, “I never knew Latino lovers were so passionate.”

Billy then discusses the drama between Teresa and Luis in the RHONJ trailer. He asks specifically about rumors that Luis is spending her money. 

Teresa says, “No, he doesn’t touch my money. That’s another lie that Margaret is putting out there My money is my money, and Luis’ money is my money. He doesn’t even know how much I make.” 

About Margaret, Teresa says, “She’s so pathetic, I’m sorry, her actions are pathetic. She puts out these lies. She has no storyline. So she’s obsessed with me and Luis.”

Regarding meeting Taylor Swift, Teresa says that she and Luis were actually right next to her and that Taylor knew who she was. She also shared that Justin and Hailey Bieber were in the same area.