RHONJ Star Danielle Cabral Says She’s No Longer Speaking to Teresa Giudice, Talks New Friendship With Rachel and Fight With Jen Aydin, Plus Her Regrets

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RHONJ Star Danielle Cabral Says She Hasn't Spoken to Teresa Giudice Since off Camera Fall Out, Plus Has Zero Regrets About the Fight With Jennifer Aydin

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Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey recently started, and it might be the most divided in Housewives history. Now, Danielle Cabral is opening up about her feud with Teresa Giudice and her plans to address it at the reunion taping. Plus, the RHONJ star has no regrets about her rumored fight with Jennifer Aydin. 

Danielle joined RHONJ for season 13 as a Housewife. She quickly became friends with Teresa, but their relationship has since gone south. 

She recently spoke to Page Six about falling out with Teresa off-camera. The two had been on good terms since the reunion taping for season 13. She says, “We talked all the way up to the holidays, and then something happened, and I decided to back away.”

However, Danielle doesn’t let us in on what exactly happened between herself and the RHONJ OG. When asked about the fallout, she responds, “I want to keep that to myself.”

She continues, “I hope to address [it] on the reunion stage because I actually don’t know [where we stand]. Some things have happened, and I have a lot of questions for Teresa.”

Danielle also discusses how her friendship with Rachel Fuda has evolved. The two butted heads during season 13 of RHONJ

“We just said, ‘OK, let’s start from the ground up again,’ and it’s nice. We have a great friendship, and the things that annoyed me or, like, really turned me off about her last year, it’s endearing this year. We say, like, we’re fire and ice.”

She then refers to Rachel as “very cold.”

However, Danielle clarifies by saying, “But it’s OK because that’s Rachel, you got to love her for it. So I think that’s going to be really nice for the fans to see.”

Danielle also talked to The Sun about the rumored fight between her and Jennifer. 

She says, “I’m going to let that unfold because 100 percent I had to pack my patience for a long time waiting for this story to unfold, to be honest with you.”

Danielle goes on to say that the rumors about the fight are mostly untrue. It has been said that the altercation was physical and even turned bloody. This is also said to have led to them being suspended

“The rumors are 95 percent not true. So my patience has been packed for a very long time and I’m waiting for season 14 to air. But I could say, for me, it was very surprising. For the viewers and fans of Housewives, it’s not surprising. They already knew what kind of person I was dealing with.”

“No, I have no regrets about anything I’ve done. The only regret is that I wish my emotions wouldn’t be as strong as they are, but that makes me who I am, and I’m not going to apologize for who I am.”

Fans can watch season 14 of RHONJ on Sunday nights.