RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Addresses Blogger’s Claim of Planting Stories With Jennifer, Claims of Using Costars for Storylines and Shades Margaret as “Obsessed,” Plus Talks Melissa’s Return, Broken 4th Wall, Jackie’s Friendship and Teases Vindication, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Addresses Blogger’s Claim of Planting Stories With Jennifer, Claims of Using Costars for Storylines and Shades Margaret as "Obsessed," Plus Talks Melissa’s Return, Broken 4th Wall, Jackie’s Friendship and Teases Vindication

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Teresa Giudice is reacting to Melissa Gorga‘s return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast after hinting she’d be fired at the season 13 reunion.

While also reacting to a blogger’s claims that she and Jennifer Aydin, 47, have been planting negative stories about the castmates, slamming Margaret Josephs, 57, and claiming she’ll be vindicated, Teresa, 51, addressed claims of a fake friendship with Jackie Goldschneider, 47, and said season 14 is one of her top five seasons “because I’m not taking anyone’s sh*t anymore.”

“I’m so over it, of the lies, the lies that people put out there,” Teresa said during a May 10 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “Everyone’s trying to say that I’m using them as a storyline. It’s the reverse.”

While Teresa seemed to think that Melissa, 45, would be fired after they agreed to end their relationship for good, she was not, and their estrangement continued through season 14.

“It’s Bravo’s decision,” Teresa said of Melissa being brought back. “You know, whatever they say goes.”

Earlier this month, amid the series premiere, Teresa and Jennifer were accused of enlisting bloggers to push negative narratives about their co-stars, including Danielle Cabral, 38, and Rachel, 33, and John Fuda, 37, by a fan page on X, formerly known as Twitter, who leaked alleged DMs from Jennifer.

“I don’t do that,” Teresa insisted. “Everyone who knows me, I am so real. Like, what you see is what you get and I don’t go digging up people’s pasts.”

As for Jennifer? Teresa didn’t deny that her longtime ally was involved, instead saying, she “is amazing. She’s strong and she’s good,” and blaming Margaret, as the fan account predicted she’d do.

She “is obsessed with me and my husband” and “puts out lies and plants stories,” Teresa alleged of Margaret. “A lot of things are gonna come to light this season, and [my castmates] are all scared. So now, they’re trying to put these other false narratives out there to try to make me look bad because a lot of other things are gonna come to light — but I’m bringing facts to light.”

Reflecting on her premiere claim that Margaret held a pre-reunion meeting to take down her husband, Luis Ruelas, 50, Teresa said, “They have to meet together ’cause they have to come up with this plan because [Louie and I] are so powerful!”

During the season 13 reunion, Margaret accused Luis of harassing her son at work and contacting John’s ex in prison, which Luis denied.

“These are all lies that they are putting out there,” Teresa stated. “They have nothing on me, so they’re trying to hurt the closest person to me, which is my husband, and they think that’s my ‘weak link’ … [But] he’s my rock.”

Teresa went on to accuse Margaret of “[setting] up” John to make claims against Luis as she did with her and Jackie, whose husband, Evan Goldschneider, was targeted with a cheating rumor Teresa repeated years ago.

“I was set up because Margaret told my brother, and my brother told me,” she revealed. “I repeated it, and my brother knows — everyone knows — how I feel about cheating, so I was only telling Jackie to protect her and to say, you know what? Shut this rumor down. It’s out there, but you know it didn’t go that well.”

Years later, Teresa claims “black and white facts” will vindicate her.

“Jackie understands [everything] now,” she explained. “There’s a pattern with Margaret.”

“Everyone’s putting out this narrative out there that they think we’re being fake friends, we’re not,” Teresa continued of her newfound friendship with her castmate. “We never had a chance for our friendship to blossom. Our husbands get along, our husbands like each other. I feel like our friendship is gonna go forward because of that.”

While Teresa’s husband gets along with Evan, he does not get along with John, understandably, and soon, according to Teresa, Luis’ name will be cleared of John’s accusations. Whether that will happen during the cast’s highly-anticipated finale fight at Rails is yet to be determined.

“I can’t wait for you to see that,” Teresa said, declaring she was “victorious.”

“I know they’re obsessed with me. It’s OK. I get it, you know, you’re obsessed with the queen,” she added.

As fans have likely seen, Margaret accused Luis of pissing Teresa’s money away during the season, which Teresa says is false.

“Louie doesn’t even look, doesn’t even touch my money,” she responded. “If anything, I spend his money. … Louie takes care of everything. He’s that kind of husband.”

As for her fourth-wall-breaking moment, during which she and Luis seemed to be at odds, Teresa admitted she couldn’t remember what led up to the scene but said it may have been about a legal issue.

“There’s no issues between us at all,” she insisted of her and Luis.

Then, after noting that Danielle “hasn’t done anything” to her, Teresa reacted to Jennifer, suggesting she doesn’t have her back as much as she does for her.

“[Jennifer] knows I have her back no matter what. Jennifer and I have been friends since she came on the show, and our friendship has gotten stronger and stronger each year. … I love and adore her,” she stated.

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