Lala Kent Addresses Vanderpump Rules Cast Removing Show From Bios, Separating the Show From Reality, and “Loud” Hate From Fans

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Lala Kent Addresses Vanderpump Rules Cast Removing Show From Their Bios, Separating the Show From Reality, and Hate From Fan, Plus Shares How She Met Jesse Montana

Credit: Charlie Steffens/ Images

The 11th season of Vanderpump Rules is coming to an end on Bravo, and the show is set to take a brief pause. However, reality TV fans started to worry when members of the cast began removing the show from their Instagram bios.

Notably, Ariana Madix was first, and considering how rough the season was, it seemed like maybe this was the precursor to an exit. Now, Lala Kent is addressing fans’ concerns. Plus, she discusses people not separating the show from reality.

As fans know, this season of VPR was pretty divided following the affair between Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss. Of course, Rachel left the show, but Ariana and Tom both remained and even kept their shared home for a time. This all ended in the finale where Ariana broke the fourth wall by telling producers she would not help redeem Tom after how he betrayed their relationship. 

While on an Amazon Live, Lala had this to say after a fan asked about the removal, “I’ve never had it in my bio. I never had Vanderpump Rules in my Instagram bio, but I did find that strange. I didn’t see that they had done it, but I saw like a reel that an influencer had done.”

For a while in the Q&A, she gets a bit backtracked with a previous question and spends some time talking about the “loud” hate she’s been receiving. However, she tells fans to “keep talking about Vanderpump Rules.”

 She then continues, “Everyone else removed it, and I’m not quite sure the reason.”

Lala then talks about not being able to separate the show from reality for the first time. 

She says, “Can I say one other thing that’s so crazy when I think about just this year and this season? It’s the first year that I haven’t been able to separate reality from reality.”

She continues, “I usually can like. Like, I know how to compartmentalize, and I know how to put this here and this there, and I know where they can bleed into each other because reality is reality, but we’re also filming a show, so it’s a very weird thing. But this is the first year where it’s like wow, it’s wild that this is I feel the happiest I’ve ever been in my life where I feel like I’ve practiced compassion, that I’ve given people grace, I’ve been logical, and I really feel like I’ve sunken into what my reality is.”

She goes on to say it’s wild that this level of enlightenment is happening at the same time as some fans decided to hate her.