Rachel Leviss Says Her Feelings Toward Lala Kent Have Changed, and Addresses Tom’s Claims at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Plus Says Tom is “Manipulative” & Show “Groomed” Her

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Rachel Leviss Explains Why Her Feelings Toward Lala Kent Have Changed, and Addresses Tom Sandoval’s Claims at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Plus Suggests Show Also “Groomed” Her

Credit: Instagram, Bravo

Raquel Leviss revealed her feelings toward Lala Kent have changed, shared where they now stand, and addressed Tom Sandoval’s claim that she took off her clothes and jumped into his pool at the start of their affair.

Early in the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala sent Raquel a voice memo to try to reconnect. At the time, Raquel speculated on her podcast that Lala had ulterior motives.

“My feelings toward Lala have changed a little bit since we first started recording this podcast and since the moment I got that voice memo from her,” said the star on her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast.

She shared that she initially thought Lala’s “intention” for the voice memo was to get her back on the show, but then she saw on the episodes how Lala is connecting with her over being in an “abusive narcissistic relationship.”

“There’s like a common thread there,” said Raquel. “I think she really does get it because she’s experienced it firsthand, and it’s validating in a way to have that representation on Vanderpump Rules when I’m not there … You can tell that she’s pretty supportive, which is a good feeling.”

Though she doesn’t have a “relationship” with Lala (and they’re not in communication), Raquel doesn’t have “hard feelings against her” anymore, and she feels they could potentially have a “constructive conversation to move forward” – though she’s “not sure” they would “hang out and become friends.”

Raquel later addressed Tom’s reunion claim that she took off her clothes and jumped into his pool at the start of their relationship.

“That may be true, although I didn’t take off all of my clothes,” she said. She then referred to his claim that she wasn’t groomed. “I’m talking about the moments leading up to that point [at the pool]. There was intention behind the way Tom really gave me undivided attention to want to know my situation and what was happening in my reality. Things were a little bit blurry, and it was a gradual thing that took place where I started feeling more attracted to him.”

According to Raquel, she wasn’t saying that Tom “groomed” her to be “his victim,” and Raquel “can take responsibility for my part.”

“But there is a big age gap,” she said. “He also is aware of my situation and knew that I was very vulnerable. And come on, Tom is a manipulative person.”

She then accused Tom of “grooming” her in general, but she suggested that the show also “groomed” her to “be okay with this type of behavior” because it’s “been modeled for me time and time again with previous relationships on this show.”

Raquel cited multiple instances of past infidelity between castmates, which was a “factor” in Raquel’s decision-making because the behavior was “normalized” on the show.