Paige DeSorbo Shares Where She Stands With Kyle Cooke After Defending Amanda Batula in Explosive Fight on Summer House

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Paige DeSorbo Shares Where She Stands With Kyle Cooke After Defending Amanda Batula in Explosive Fight on Summer House

Credit: Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo, Instagram

Season 8 of Summer House has been one for the books. Some fans have even called it the best show on Bravo. However, things got pretty heated in a recent episode where Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller lit into Kyle Cooke for his treatment of his wife, Amanda Batula.

Fans will recall that the two Summer House stars felt that Kyle was unsupportive of his wife and that he didn’t compromise nearly enough. Not only that, but they felt that Amanda was unhappy with her life. In the end, Kyle stormed away. 

Now, Paige is speaking to Page Six and giving an update on where she stands with Kyle after what went down. She said, “With Kyle and I, we really are very close friends. And so when we fight, I hate saying we fight like brother and sister because I’ll literally wring my brother’s neck — but we do.”

Paige continues, “We don’t hold a grudge with each other, and I think it’s because Amanda and I have gotten so close. Like, I know that’s her husband.”

Paige received support from fans for standing up for Amanda. Despite how heated things got, she expressed that she appreciated the comments. 

Paige says, “It makes me feel really good just seeing women, girls younger than me, women older than me, the same age, just being like, ‘This is what girlhood is, this is what friendship is.”

She goes on to say she values being there for her friends.

“And I pride myself on loving my girlfriends and throwing myself in front of a bus for them, so I love that even if it changed one person’s perspective of, ‘Wow, I should call my best friend,’ or, ‘I should tell them I’m so proud them,’ I love that.”

She then jokes, “Don’t tempt me with a good time to, like, yell at a straight man.”

As far as where she and Kyle are now, they have spoken, and they are “cool.” She says, “We’re vocal people. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be on a reality show. So we will say what we’re thinking in giving our opinions. So I’m not, ‘Oh me and Kyle are beefing now.”

Paige goes on, “And we had seen the episodes, we had filmed the reunion, like me and him are cool.”

Fans can watch Summer House on Thursday nights.