Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Slams Carl for Wanting Her to Be Softer, Says He Didn’t Support Her as He Reacts, Plus Gabby Accuses Carl of “Not Providing” and Carl Talks “Pivotal Moment”

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard Slams Carl for Wanting Her to Be Softer, Says He Didn't Support Her as He Reacts, Plus Gabby Accuses Carl of "Not Providing" and Carl Talks "Pivotal Moment"

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Lindsay Hubbard wasn’t happy to hear that Carl Radke needed more of her support on last week’s episode of Summer House.

After Carl, 39, opened up to Lindsay, 37, telling his now-ex-fiancee about his career plans, Lindsay admitted to feeling a lack of support from her then-partner, accusing him of expecting more from her than he was willing to give as Gabby Prescod, 33, criticized him for “not providing” ahead of what would’ve been their November 2023 wedding.

“This is bullsh*t. I’m not being seen. You‘re not validating me in all the things that I do in this relationship for you, for me, for us, and now you’re telling me I need to put a smile on my face and say, ‘It’s okay, sweetie, I’m here for you no matter what?’ No!” Lindsay proclaimed on the May 16 episode of the Summer House: After Show.  “How about you do that for me? Where were you when I was upset, night one, and I was like, ‘I need support.’ Where was your support? And now you’re telling me constantly you need more and more and more support?”

“This is crazy. How much more can I give of myself to you?” she asked.

Meanwhile, according to Carl, all he really needed from Lindsay was some acceptance and excitement at a time when he was questioning his path forward.

“We’re talking about career, we’re talking about opportunities and finances, I shared I’m nervous about this next step. I’m scared. I’m not sure, because of wanting her acceptance and excitement,” he recalled.

At the start of the conversation, Carl said he tried to prepare Lindsay for the discussion by encouraging her to be a little gentler, softer, and “excited and positive” since he’s sensitive about the topic.

“What I had experienced with her … She would kind of, I mean, the sober bar idea, sure, it may not be the best idea, but she immediately is like, horrible idea,” he noted.

In response, Kyle Cooke, 41, pointed out that the ideas Carl had run by Lindsay weren’t “fully baked.”

“So before you immediately shoot them down, hear me out, maybe be a little softer with your feedback,” he stated as Amanda Batula, 32, agreed Lindsay should have been kinder.

“You can still be direct and honest and still take a softer approach to it and be thoughtful and kind with your words. Just because you’re being direct and honest doesn’t give you the right to act very rude and absurdly,” she explained.

But Gabby felt differently, shaming Carl for not stepping up.

“For her to be softer and requesting her to be softer when she has to actually build a life because you are lacking in that is f*cking bullsh*t,” she declared. “He has no concept of what it means when he’s asking her to be soft when he’s not providing.”

During another segment, Lindsay and Carl looked back on their dispute over driving separately to the Hamptons.

“This is the first time since I’ve actually been hanging out with you, as friends and also in a relationship, that I’m not driving back from the Hamptons to New York City. And if I’m not riding with you, I think it would warrant a conversation of why,” Carl stated. “She wasn’t considering anything outside of her own self. And it was also, I found, to be very disrespectful for her not to go, ‘Babe, I need some space. Do you mind taking the bags back? I’ll catch up with you a little bit later.'”

After noting that he believes that if the roles were reversed, Lindsay would have had a major issue with his decision, Carl applauded Kyle and Amanda for remaining united even in uncomfortable moments.

“Even the day on his birthday that Lindsay set Kyle up to tell him about sh*t he didn’t know about, Kyle and Amanda rode home together that day. They still got in the car and rode home together,” Carl stated, giving a nod to past cheating claims made against Kyle.

While Gabby called out Carl for being “petty” and “down and dirty,” Lindsay told him to “be a man.”

Although the now-ex-couple were at odds over their driving arrangements, Carl still wanted Lindsay to go with him to a soccer game he had tickets for.

“I thought, in my eyes, that it could be, like, a fun date … I get tickets to this soccer game that we get VIP on the field. Free drinks, free food. It’s an amazing experience. She kinda said, ‘I’m not sure,’ and then come the weekend, we were fighting, and she was like, ‘F*ck your soccer game,'” he recalled.

“I’m like, not only do I not want to go to a soccer game with you because you put me through two full days of absolute hell but I don’t even want to ride home with you. I need a f*cking minute,” Lindsay explained, noting that Carl only wanted her at the game because “he needed somebody of equal status to go to the soccer game as an influencer.”

After attending the game solo, Carl said it was a “great time” before admitting things between him and Lindsay remained strained.

“I had a great time. I was free … I got home that night, tried to talk to Lindsay. We fought, slept in separate bedrooms. That was a pivotal moment I feel like in the summer,” he admitted.

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