Summer House’s Carl Radke Reveals He Tried to Postpone Wedding & Talks Fight, as Lindsay Hubbard Shades His Inability to Work on Relationship and Discusses Their Issues

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard Shades Carl for Running From Issues and Playing Victim as He Suggests She's Immature and Pressured Him to Wed Quickly So They Could Start a Family

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Lindsay Hubbard threw some shade at her former fiance, Carl Radke, amid their ongoing issues on Summer House.

After Paige DeSorbo, 31, was seen suggesting that Lindsay, 37, should consider postponing her then-upcoming wedding to Carl, 39, Lindsay explained why she didn’t consider doing so as she labeled Carl a “victim” and he accused her of pushing him to get married quickly so that they could move forward with plans to start a family.

“I’m all about being a runaway bride. If you don’t have a friend that, when you get engaged, says, ‘And just a reminder, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,’ you don’t have any real friends,” Paige noted on the April 4 episode of the Summer House: After Show.

“It felt like Lindsay didn’t have a friend like that because [Danielle Olivera] was off doing Danielle things and so I felt this need to be like, ‘Hey, you don’t have to do this. We’ll get you right out of it,'” she added.

Although Lindsay and Carl weren’t in a good place last summer, as they neared their would-have-been wedding, Lindsay never considered postponing or canceling the event.

“I was asked this a lot last summer [and] the reason I always said no is because I truly believe relationships take work, partnership takes work, marriage takes work, life takes work,” Lindsay explained. “You’re gonna go through life and there’s gonna be ebbs and flows and like, ups and downs, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, we’re going to still be figuring things out in 50 years from now, there’s going be another set of issues. In five years from now, there’s going to be a different set of issues that we need to work out.’ I do not run away from working hard on a relationship. That does not scare me, and I think that’s the difference.”

“It scared him,” Gabby Prescod, 33, replied.

According to Gabby, nothing she witnessed last summer between Lindsay and Carl felt like a relationship ending.

“I’m like, ‘You need to like, work through… Relationships take work,’“ she recalled.

“[But] what are the issues?” Lindsay wondered. “The issues are that I questioned you about your career? Some people are used to working harder than others. The problem is I have this like, wild capacity for sh*t and drama. I don’t play victim. I work through things instead of like, being like, ’Woe is me.’ I’m like, ‘Let’s f*cking go. Let’s figure this out.’”

While Lindsay felt it was Carl’s inability to confront their issues head-on that caused the rift between them ahead of their August 2023 split, he admitted to feeling rushed.

“I think Paige is actually pretty wise and I give her credit for putting Lindsay on that spot,” Carl admitted. “Like, ‘Okay, you guys are still not really right, let’s take some time.’ I think that is actually the right response versus ‘Postpone? What do you mean!’ It’s just a, I think, a more mature way to look at it.”

Even Carl suggested that he and Lindsay postpone their wedding. However, when looking back at the conversation, Carl noted that Lindsay was not at all receptive and actually got upset.

“She was really adamant about having a fall 2023 wedding. We got the ball rolling a little late on planning so we were now left with like, November, and I was thinking in my head, like, ‘November’s kind of a weird month, like, thanksgiving, then holiday, like what’s the rush?’ And my comment to her like, ‘Well why don’t we just look at January?’ And that caused a moment for us to fight about,” he shared.

“I realized right there, basically, it was like we’re doing this now because she wants to have children,” he continued.

Although Carl said he understood that women have biological clocks, he felt it was important that he and Lindsay “[made] sure that [they were] right” and had “the right parts and pieces” before getting to that step.

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