VIDEO: See Carl Radke Call Off Wedding to Lindsay in Summer House Season 8 Trailer Amid Trust Issues & Drug Claims, Plus Paige Feuds With Craig, Kyle and Amanda Fight, and Ciara Kisses Newbie

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VIDEO: See Carl Radke Call Off Wedding to Lindsay in Summer House Season 8 Trailer Amid Trust Issues & Drug Claims, Plus Paige Feuds With Craig, Kyle and Amanda Fight, and Ciara Kisses Newbie

Credit: Felix Kunze/Bravo

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s relationship is set to implode on the upcoming eighth season of Summer House.

Months after the couple publicly confirmed they would not be moving forward with their wedding in Mexico, Carl, 38, is seen confronting Lindsay, 37, about their troubled relationship as Kyle Cooke, 41, and Amanda Batula, 32, as well as Paige DeSorbo, 31, and Craig Conover, 34, butt heads and Ciara Miller, 28, hits it off with one of the show’s two newbies, West Wilson, 28, and Jesse Solomon.

“What do you want from me?” Carl asks Lindsay as the sneak peek begins.

“I want you to trust me,” he replies.

“I want you to be happy,” she insists.

“I’m not happy and I don’t think you’re happy,” Carl explains, telling Lindsay she needs “to have the power over the other person” in a relationship.

“I don’t need the power,” she denies.

“Yes, you do,” he states.

Right away, the audience is taken inside Lindsay and Carl’s New York City apartment, where their relationship is coming to an end.

“You’re really gifted at playing victim,” Carl states, prompting Lindsay to get up and walk out of the room.

“Well, there’s no more points of this conversation. You’ve made the decision clear,” she concludes.

Meanwhile, as Carl admits he thought she would “react a little differently,” suspecting she would “spin this and tell everybody she’s blindsided,” Lindsay calls her dad.

“Dad, he told me he wants to call off the wedding and break up. I feel very blindsided,” she explains.

“I’ll be the bad guy, that’s fine. But she’s blind to the things that have gone on the last year,” Carl later says.

But before all that happens, the cast has some fun, with Ciara seen kissing West.

“[I’m] definitely vibing with Ciara,” West explains to Jesse in another scene.

“I think it’d be really fun if you guys hit it off,” Jesse replies.

“I keep thinking that we did already,” West clarifies.

As West pursues Ciara, Jesse seemingly takes interest in Paige after asking Kyle, “Am I supposed to only hit on the single girls?”

Clearly, Kyle is unimpressed with the newbie, and as their co-stars sit nearby, he asks him, “You wanna rethink how hard you were hitting on her the first couple weekends?”

In addition to Carl and Lindsay, other couples from the show don’t seem to be doing too well.

“Do you feel like you have an identity outside of Kyle? Because I don’t,” Ciara wonders amid a chat with Amanda, who appears to agree.

“You don’t like it when I have a stance on something,” she tells Kyle at another moment.

“Your stance is bullsh*t,” he replies.

Even Paige and Craig aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

“You won’t compromise on anything,” Paige tells Craig.

As the cast awaits the arrival of Lindsay and Carl pre-split, Paige wonders how Danielle Olivera, 34, feels.

“Are you nervous about Lindsay and Carl coming?” she asks.

And later, Danielle tells Kyle, “I’m not holding onto what happened last summer. I hope she isn’t.”

Other moments between Lindsay and Carl are also seen, including Lindsay’s bridal shower and an emotional moment between them in which they discuss their future family.

“Who knows what’s gonna happen next summer? I might be pregnant. So I feel this is the perfect summer to just really like, enjoy ourselves,” Lindsay says.

But during a chat with his castmates, Carl is growing tired of Lindsay’s antics.

“She’s like, ‘You’re fighting with me.’ She then goes into, ‘What are you on?'” Carl reveals to the guys amid a pool day.

“That’s the person I’m supposed to marry?” Carl asks in a confessional after he’s seen confronting Lindsay about accusing him of using drugs.

Carl is also seen chatting with a pastor, who tells her, “I’ve been a minister all my career and I’ve married tons of people. I wouldn’t marry you.”

Summer House season eight premieres on Thursday, February 22, at 9/8c on Bravo.