Paige DeSorbo Discusses Surprising Scene With Craig That Didn’t Air, Why She Feels Bad for Him, and When She’ll Move to Charleston, Plus Talks Being Hesitant to Get Married

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Paige DeSorbo Discusses Surprising Scene With Craig That Didn’t Air, Why She Feels Bad for Him, and When She'll Move to Charleston, Plus Talks Being Hesitant to Get Married

Summer House cast member Paige DeSorbo opened up about her relationship with Craig Conover while appearing on a podcast on Monday, sharing the details of a surprising scene they filmed that never aired and more.

While also opening up about their future, addressing when she’ll move to Charleston and why she’s hesitant to tie the knot, Paige, 31, explained why she feels bad for Craig, 34, of Southern Charm, and revealed that their very first date was actually captured by Bravo cameras.

“We actually went, our first date, legitimately, was on camera. And they never aired it. What? Yeah. And we were so surprised by it,” Paige recalled on the December 18 episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. “I remember filming that scene and being like, ‘Wait … This I can’t wait to like, watch this back,’ and they never aired the full thing. They did like, a flashback to it. It was so bizarre.”

“I was so nervous like, I remember putting like a dirty martini down on the table, and my hands were shaking like that’s how nervous I was,” she added.

Because Paige has made it clear that she’s not yet ready to give up her life in New York City and move to South Carolina, where Craig is based, she often finds herself feeling bad for him.

“I’m the one that is kind of like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to move yet. Oh, I don’t want to get engaged yet.’ I feel like because I’m the woman, people will take it and be like, ‘She doesn’t even like him. She doesn’t love him. Like he should move on.’ And that always makes me feel so bad for Craig,” she explained. “I don’t ever want that to be like the narrative in the public because that is like mean to [Craig], even though he knows that’s so not like, what it is, but I always feel bad that like people say that because I don’t want it to like hurt his feelings.”

According to Paige, she believes that because she’s a woman, and isn’t ready to get married and have children, her relationship with Craig is often looked at in a negative light.

“If the roles were reversed and he was the guy being like, ‘I’d love to like, focus on my career a little, and I don’t want to move yet, and let’s just keep doing what we’re doing,’ everyone would be like, ‘He’s got [a good head on] his shoulders … Look at him just being mature,’” she noted.

That said, Paige does believe she’ll eventually relocate and start a family with Craig in Charleston.

“I think Craig, I give him a lot of credit because he doesn’t, honestly, he doesn’t pressure me about moving ever. Like we rarely, he’ll rarely bring it up,” Paige explained. “But I think he wants us to have a family, and it is in Charleston … [But] I think until I get the feeling of like, ‘Oh, I’d like to have a child,’ I, it won’t really be a thing of like, when I’m moving.”

When Paige was then asked about why she’s hesitant to get married, she said she’s still in career mode.

“I almost feel like now, sometimes, that’s why I’m almost a little bit too intense with Craig where I’m like, ‘I’m not ready to get married. I don’t wanna. Yeah. I want to like, focus on my career for like a little bit longer,'” she revealed. “Because I was in those previous relationships where I didn’t ever like put myself first or my career first and I feel like so strongly about it now being in my 30s.”

After noting that Craig might get “the brunt of that,” Paige said it is important for her to be independent.

“Because I had those relationships where I wasn’t like, I wasn’t treated like an equal. I was very much treated like a girlfriend who’s not as successful and like, ‘Yeah, she’s just there,” Paige added.

Summer House season eight will begin airing on Bravo sometime in early 2024.