Paige DeSorbo Reveals Why She’s Not Ready to Get Engaged to Craig, If She’d Quit Summer House, and Addresses Lindsay and Carl’s Split, Plus Lindsay Wears a Revenge Dress

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Paige DeSorbo on Why She's Not Ready to Get Engaged to Craig, If She'd Quit Summer House, and Lindsay and Carl's Split as Lindsay Wears Revenge Dress

Paige DeSorbo explained why she is not yet ready for marriage and kids with her boyfriend, Craig Conover, during an interview on Wednesday.

The Summer House star, 30, confirmed that fans shouldn’t expect to see an engagement ring on her finger anytime soon, shared her thoughts on a potential exit from the series, and reacted to Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s shocking split.

As she appeared on Wednesday’s episode of E! News, Paige admitted that in addition to Lindsay being “blindsided” by Carl calling off their wedding, she too was caught off-guard.

“I don’t think anyone saw it coming that they were going to officially be done. I don’t know really the ins and outs and all the details. I do know that there’s very hurt people by it. I know they’re both very upset,” she revealed.

As for her own relationship with Craig, 34, of Southern Charm, Paige said that despite many wanting the two of them to tie the knot, a wedding is not in their near future.

“I think because we’re on reality TV and people watch us every so often, every couple months, they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s been a couple of years.’ Where I’m like, ‘No, no, it’s still been the same year.’ So we’ve only been dating for two years, and I still like my life the way it is,” she shared. “I don’t wanna have a baby yet. I do eventually want a ring but not right now. I’m turning 31 and I like my life the way it is.”

When Paige was then asked if she’d ever leave the show to focus on her Giggy Squad podcast and tour, which she hosts with Hannah Berner, 32, Paige admitted she’d consider.

“Give up Summer House and hang out with my best friend every single day? Maybe. I love doing both, but I do have the best time when we’re touring for Giggy Squad. The craziest things will happen to us. It’s fun,” she gushed.

Meanwhile, Lindsay, 37, posted a series of photos from her bachelorette party, including one that featured her in a revenge dress, à la Ariana Madix, 38.

“Sometimes the universe has its way with you, and you just have to go with it,” Lindsay began in a September 27 post, which saw her posing in a gold dress.

Continuing on, Lindsay mentioned a number of ironic things that occurred amid her recent trip to the Bahamas, which was also attended by several of her Summer House castmates, including Danielle Olivera, 34, Samantha Feher, 26, Gabby Prescod, 32, and season one’s Jaclyn Shuman.

“1) My room number was 1117 (the date of my wedding) … 2) A bird sh*t on me the first day (this is supposed to be good luck but I dunno…) … 3) Out of 15 girls, I was the first to bed each night (which I later found out was because of that-time-of-the-month fatigue),” she shared.


In another post, which featured a group photo and a video of her bachelorette festivities, Lindsay wrote, “Big [Fire] Energy,” as she was again seen in her “revenge dress” from designer Elle Zeitoune.

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.