Paige DeSorbo Shares Whose Side She’s on Amid Carl & Lindsay’s Split & Why It’s the “Best Thing,” When She’ll Move, and If She’s Open to Having Kids Before Marriage, Plus Craig Talks Starting Family

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Paige DeSorbo on Lindsay and Carl's Split Being "Best Thing," Not Picking Sides, When She'll Move, and If She'll Get Married Before Kids, Plus Craig Talks Starting Family

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Paige DeSorbo believes Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s split is for the best.

Months after Carl, 38, called off his wedding to Lindsay, 37, the Summer House cast member, 31, confirmed she’s not picking sides as she and boyfriend Craig Conover, 34, discussed her potential future move to Charleston from New York City as well as their plans to start a family.

“We’re just leaning into the fact that we live in two cities now. I don’t know where the ‘either/or’ came from. We spend the summer in New York, and she’s filming, and it’s an easy commute, and then for fall and winter in beautiful Charleston,” Craig explained during an interview on Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap. “I truly believe that until we have kids, we don’t have to pick a place.”

According to Craig, Paige “loves her two days to herself.” And until they have children, they’re “enjoying their lives.”

“And maybe in this day and age, long-distance makes sense,” he added.

As for Paige, she seemed to agree in her own interview with Access Hollywood, during which she too said she doesn’t feel the need to move until children are involved.

“I really don’t think about moving somewhere permanently until I’m a mom, and please don’t stress me out like that. I eat cereal for dinner. I can’t take care of a baby right now,” she laughed.

Plus, she added, “I like going back and forth … Who doesn’t like having two homes?”

When Paige was then asked if she felt it necessary to get married before welcoming children with Craig, she revealed she does not.

“I used to think, oh my god, yeah, you have to get married before kids, but I am 31 … If I have a child, I have a child. I’m in my 30s now, that’s the normal time, so I’d be okay with it,” she reasoned.

Also during the interview, Paige said that despite her ups and downs with Lindsay, she is not picking sides in her split from Carl and believes the breakup is what’s best for them both.

“I’ve lived with all of them now for six years and as much as we fight and as much as we’ll say things we don’t mean, I will love my roommates forever and I am not picking a side in this. I am fully Switzerland,” she stated. “And I think that it was the best thing for both of them to be apart.”

As Summer House fans well know, Paige openly questioned Lindsay and Carl’s relationship on the show. But when asked about potential redemption, she said, “I would never have an ‘I told you so’ moment.”

“Genuinely,” she continued, “they’re both going to be way happier, and that’s the goal.”

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