Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Reacts to Being “Right” About Lindsay and Carl’s Engagement Not Being “Authentic” as Production Reportedly Questions “Odd Timing” of Split

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo Reacts to Being "Right" About Lindsay and Carl's Engagement Not Being "Authentic" as Production Reportedly Questions "Odd Timing" of Split

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Was Paige DeSorbo “right” about Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s engagement not being authentic?

After the Summer House couple’s split was confirmed on Thursday, Paige, 30, reacted to an Instagram post in which she was described as being “right” about her suspicions, which she aired at the season seven reunion, as a series of insiders suspected there may be more to the story behind Lindsay, 37, and Carl’s recently-ended engagement.

On September 1, an insider told Radar Online that Lindsay and Carl’s off-camera friends are “in the dark” about the split and found out when news broke, along with the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, a second source wondered if the seemingly sudden breakup was a ploy to boost the ratings.

“People involved in the production smell a rat. The timing is just too odd,” a source connected to the show told OK! Magazine.

“No one involved in the show is surprised, but no one is convinced this isn’t a fame thirst from Lindsay and Carl, who want nothing more than their own spin-off,” the source explained. “Filming for the season had finished, then filming all of a sudden resumed to cover this supposed ‘breaking news.’ It feels manufactured.”

“These two are both so fame-hungry, no one would be surprised if this wasn’t a constructed storyline. If so, it’s sick and desperate,” added the insider.

And a third source joked, “Fake divorces and fake break-ups are all the rage at Bravo,” before giving a nod to the “Scandoval” scenario of Vanderpump Rules, which erupted in March after Tom Sandoval, 40, was caught cheating on long-term, live-in girlfriend Ariana Madix, 38, with their close friend Raquel Leviss, 28.

“Lindsay was a publicist in a former life. She knows what sells. She just watched what happened with ‘Scandoval’ and how it catapulted everyone into the headlines,” the insider noted. “Like everything with Lindsay and Carl, this feels too contrived — especially with the flurry of planted stories, including one where a source ‘close to the couple’ suggested they could even get back together as soon as ‘tomorrow.'”

As for Paige’s reaction, that came in the form of a comment shared to an Instagram post that looked back on her past thoughts.

“She didn’t believe the engagement was authentic well … here we are with a broken engagement,” Real Housemates of New York wrote with an Instagram post this week, which also included a man standing with a sign that read, “Paige was right at the reunion.”

“Thanks @sethjacobphillips,” Paige replied as she tagged the name of the man holding up the sign.

Summer House Paige DeSorbo Reacts to Lindsay Hubbard Carl Radke Split

Summer House season eight began filming in early July and is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.