Carl Radke Shares How He Called Off Wedding to Lindsay & if He’s Quitting Summer House, as He Denies Cheating Claims, Reveals If They Could Get Back Together & Talks Dating, Plus He Reacts to Capt. Lee Suspecting Kyle Was a Factor

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Carl Radke on How He Called Off Wedding, Summer House Proving Lindsay Wasn't "Blindsided," and If They Could Get Back Together, Plus Capt. Lee Suspecting Kyle Was a Factor

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Carl Radke shared how he called off his wedding to Lindsay Hubbard during an interview at BravoCon over the weekend.

As he looked back on the moment in which he informed Lindsay, 37, that he couldn’t move forward with their nuptials in Mexico, Carl, 38, suggested Summer House viewers will see that she wasn’t “blindsided” by the breakup, revealed if they could get back together, and reacted to Captain Lee Rosbach‘s suggestion that Kyle Cooke, 41, may have been a factor in their split.

“One thousand percent, Kyle, in the moments leading up to that difficult conversation with Lindsay, he did not actually, he was trying to be supportive because he could see and sense that there was some really deep stuff going on,” Carl insisted on an episode of Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap. “Kyle was not pushing me to break up with Lindsay. He was pushing me to be more confident and to try and approach and talk to her about difficult topics.”

According to Carl, he and Kyle came back together over the summer as friends and he appreciated having his support as things went south with Lindsay.

“It was a tough spot for Kyle to be in because he does want both of us to be happy,” Carl noted.

Although Carl has gone through a lot on Summer House and will be seen going through even more when the new season premieres, he isn’t considering quitting.

“I love Summer House. I will die for this program,” he said.

Looking back on the past few months, which have been “very emotional,” Carl said that when it came to attending BravoCon, he had to remind himself that he is honored to be a part of Bravo.

“It’s just incredible to be a part of this network and I wanted to come out here and try to move forward and rip the bandaid off in a way, publicly,” he explained. “I haven’t spoken at all really because of not only the pain but trying to process privately and work through and understand some of the nuances of what went down. This has been harder than literally my brother passing away. I’m not kidding, because the emotional side and also what the fallout has been for two months.”

While Carl is brokenhearted over his and Lindsay’s breakup, he clarified that a reconciliation is not on the table, nor is dating anyone else — at least at this point in time.

“I don’t believe so, no,” he stated. “I do firmly believe that we will have a healthier, happier future in different directions. What that’ll look like, I’m not sure, I just know for myself, I’m just focusing on taking care of myself. I have not picked up a drink. [I’m] still staying strong.”

As Lindsay continues to say that she did not see the split coming, Carl said he’s “optimistic that people will see this season” and “understand how a decision or conversion would come to that where I felt like I needed to say to Lindsay, ‘I’m not sure this is right right now.’”

“I think people are going to pick up on some of these ruptures that were happening,” he added.

Speaking of the day he called it quits with Lindsay, Carl said he did not walk into the room saying he was done.

“I walked in because I felt like I needed to share, ‘In this moment, I don’t know if this feels right.’ And that’s a difficult thing to say to someone you love and care about. It’s intense. It’s a lot. But I’m telling you, three days prior to that conversation, I had slept in the guest bedroom. We had fought the day that we wrapped,” he revealed.

After then noting that he did not cheat and “did not have an affair,” Carl denied calling producers to film the split.

“I do not make those decisions. I tried to show up for Lindsay every day of our relationship and love her and support her,” he noted. “I don’t take sanctity of an engagement or a marriage lightly whatsoever. But we’d been working on our relationship. We had been in couples therapy since November of 2022. We’ve had core foundation things that needed to be worked on, different attachment styles, different traumas.”

Continuing about his and Lindsay’s breakup conversation, Carl said, “I expressed that I don’t think we’re really to be married right now… It led to [a breakup] and like I said, you’re going to watch it. You’re gonna see how this would make sense.”

Summer House season eight is expected to begin airing on Bravo sometime in early 2024.