Lindsay Hubbard Dishes on Big Fight With Carl Radke 72 Hours Before Split, If Carl’s Still Paying Rent, & Where the Summer House Exes Stand Today, Plus She Talks Couples Therapy, and Their ‘Trauma Bond’

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Lindsay Hubbard Dishes on Big Fight With Carl Radke 72 Hours Before Split, If Carl's Still Paying Rent, & Where the Summer House Exes Stand Today, Plus She Talks Couple's Therapy, and Their 'Trauma Bond'

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Lindsay Hubbard is opening up about the big fight she and Carl Radke had before he called off their November wedding in August.

While appearing on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Wednesday, the Summer House cast member, 37, looked back on the 72 hours that led up to their split, confirmed where she stands with Carl, 38, today, and shared the good parts of their former relationship as she admitted he wanted to continue couple’s counseling even after their breakup.

According to Lindsay, she and Carl were “extremely trauma-bonded” due to the things they went through during their years-long relationship.

“His brother unfortunately passed away and I was right there for him. I went through an accidental pregnancy and miscarriage. I have my own family traumas that I’ve been working on in therapy for years he has his own family traumas so I think we were just really bonded on so many different levels and we had a lot of similarities, like similar sense of humor and lifestyle,” Lindsay explained on the November 8 episode of The Viall Files.

Lindsay went on to say that when Carl decided to get sober, she cheered him on along the way.

“I was his number one support, and even getting to his one year of sobriety it was like, you know, he was really struggling for the last couple of months and I was like, ‘Okay … I’m going to do this with you … I am going to commit to going sober with you through the holidays. We’re going to do this together, you know, hand in hand, side by side,'” she recalled.

After committing to being sober with Carl, Lindsay remained alcohol-free for five months.

“I felt good. I looked good. I was in the best shape of my life [and] my skin was better,” she shared.

Lindsay then reflected on the day of her and Carl’s breakup day and the days leading up to it.

“We wrapped filming that Sunday at the house. He was kind of coming at me in a way that felt really icky. We then went to Surf Lodge with all of our cast and had a great time. I was still feeling really icky about the things that Carl [had] said to me earlier in the day … We’re on our way home (from Surf Lodge) and I’m talking about I think it’s good for us to reconnect and go somewhere just the two of us. We haven’t been on a date this summer. [Things started] escalating weirdly. He’s starting to throw all of these insults at me… He’s just saying some mean sh*t that I’m not going to get into,” Lindsay alleged. “We [got] into an argument in the car and I just stayed silent till we got home.”

Days later, on a Monday, Lindsay recalled Carl spending the day golfing. And when she arrived home from dinner with a friend, he was sleeping on the couch. The following day, they were both busy and away from home. Then, after attending a movie with Gabby Prescod, 32, Lindsay received a text from production on which Carl was cc’ed that said they’d be filming on Wednesday.

“My radars are going off. My red flags are waving … I’m just like something’s up,” Lindsay admitted. “This is not right. He’s responding immediately. He’s moving couple’s therapy. He’s clearing his schedule … I had not even spoken to him since we got home on Sunday and it’s Tuesday … Why would you agree to even film with your fiancée that you haven’t spoken to in the last two days?”

Once Wednesday arrived, Lindsay said she woke up early to get started.

“I’m like, ‘Do you know what they want to film with us about today?’ And he pops off on me,” she shared. “Like, ‘If you don’t change, I am this close to calling off the wedding.’ Next thing you know, they showed up that afternoon and I sat on the couch.”

“The words came out and when the words came out, I don’t think I reacted the way he wanted me to react and so as soon as he said, ‘You don’t take me seriously,’ I looked at him and I realized, ‘Oh he wants me to beg and plead and say no, no, no, please don’t do this, I’ll change, I’ll do whatever you need. Don’t call off the wedding,'” Lindsay continued. “That’s what he wanted from me, but that is not me and that will never be me.”

After Carl called off their wedding with cameras rolling, Lindsay called her father.

“I talked to my dad for 30 minutes in my room,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Well, he did it.’ Because like I said, my red flags and radars were going off. A woman’s intuition is unlike no other… My dad was like, ‘Do you want me to call him?’ … My dad called him immediately,” she shared. “And after my conversation with my dad, I left. I texted my girlfriend who lives a few blocks down from me, I was like, ‘Are you home? I need to get inside’ … All my girlfriends just started meeting me at my friend’s house. It was like, ‘What just happened?'”

While Carl reached out to her post-split, Lindsay said she ignored his messages for the first two weeks because she was “disgusted and appalled.”

“Anything he was texting was simply to try to clear his public image,” she stated. “It was less about like, ‘Are you okay? Are you eating?’ I didn’t eat for a month like at all. I couldn’t keep anything in my body. I was crying in ways I didn’t know I had in me because I don’t typically cry. I was throwing up … I was sad. I was angry. I was going through all of these emotions … It was rough … He never called. He never tried to get in front of me.”

Ultimately, Lindsay sat down with Carl before heading to the Bahamas for her bachelorette trip.

“He just was not capable of taking accountability,” she revealed. “He was still trying to convince me that he didn’t set this whole thing up and I’m like, ‘I can’t sit here for this. You’re wasting my time at this point.’”

Following their breakup, Lindsay said that while Carl wanted her to go to couples therapy afterward, she declined.

“I never went back… He wanted me to and I was like, ‘How did you cancel the couple’s therapy? Do this on camera and then beg me to go to couple’s therapy?’ He had spent like the last two weeks of summer telling me couple’s therapy wasn’t working,” she noted. “And now you’re sitting here trying to get me back into couples therapy? Like, none of this makes sense.”

As for where they stand with one another now, Lindsay revealed she’s keeping their communication at a minimum.

“I don’t know where he’s at. I don’t know where he stays. We’re at a point now where he’ll just text me if he needs to come to the apartment and get stuff … And I just answer [very matter of fact],” she explained.

Although Carl recently confirmed he has a new apartment, Lindsay said he’s still paying for the $13,000-per-month home they once shared.

“He pays rent. He’s on the contract,” she revealed, noting that their lease ends in June.

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or in early 2024.