Jason Cameron Slams Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller as “Rudest” Winter House Costars, Shades Lindsay Again Over “Messed Up” Miscarriage Revelations

by Josh Ramsey
Jason Cameron Slams Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller as “Rudest” Winter House Costars, Shades Lindsay Again Over “Messed Up” Miscarriage Revelations

Credit: Cindy Ord/Bravo

Winter House star, Jason Cameron, is not coming down from his high horse after confronting his ex and costar, Lindsay Hubbard, after she “went public” about their miscarriage on Winter House this season and insinuates that she is one of the rudest cast members to work with alongside Ciara Miller.

Jason was in attendance for Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea Live Podcast held in New York City recently, and when asked who was the most difficult to work with, he was quick to call out his former flame.

“From what I’ve heard… Lindsay [Hubbard]. I’ve heard [she] can be a little bit [of] trouble to work with.” Jason said, adding, “And actually, sometimes Ciara [Miller].”

He quickly backtracked on his accusations though, saying that he only heard about Lindsay’s alleged difficulties through production and that they probably “caught her on a bad day.”

Lindsay’s attitude has also been called into question by another costar, Amanda Batula.

During an October 2022 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Amanda claimed that Lindsay was the “rudest” to Summer House and Winter House fans. Lindsay staunchly denied the allegations telling Vanderpump Rules star, Katie Maloney on her You’re Gonna Love Me podcast, that she interacts with fans the most out of all her costars and that Amanda’s comments on her character was “f***ing unnecessary.”

The allegations are all coming on the heels of Lindsay’s tragic miscarriage with Jason and the aftermath left behind now that she is revealing more on this season of Winter House.

Jason and Lindsay called off their relationship after the traumatic event, and it has been a source of contention between the two, with Jason claiming that Lindsay went behind his back and shocked him by revealing the news publicly.

Jason called Lindsay’s actions “really messed up” and that the villain narrative she is painting him out to be makes him “very upset.” He added that he felt that the conversation the two had on-camera was “not the necessary time to have that conversation” and it caught him “off-guard.”

However, Lindsay has come back swinging revealing that the two had previously already filmed a scene for Summer House discussing the heartbreaking miscarriage, but it was ultimately cut and didn’t make it to air, thus making Jason’s point moot.

“He and I filmed an actual conversation in my apartment for Summer House season six,” Lindsay previously told Entertainment Tonight. “So, for him to say, ‘Oh, you didn’t tell me you were going public with it,’ I’m sitting there like, ‘What on earth are you talking about?’ Either you have extreme amnesia because we actually did have this conversation, and then we also filmed a conversation, so then to bring that up and make me feel guilty for something that I didn’t even do was very heart-wrenching for me.”

After seeing Jason’s less than kind reaction and behavior following the miscarriage, Lindsay revealed that she “cried for 3 weeks.”

“I came home and cried pretty much every day for three weeks because in my mind, I have to live with this trauma and this tragic thing that happened to me. I have to live with that for the rest of my life,” she said.

Lindsay has yet to respond to Jason’s latest claims about her.

Bravo’s Winter House is currently airing Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST.