Lala Kent Apologizes to Vanderpump Rules Fans, Shares Why Season 11 Was “Most Difficult” and Says She’s Glad She Can’t Film With Daughter as She Prepares to Return to Social Media

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Pump Rules’ Lala Kent Apologizes to Fans, Says Season 11 Was “Most Difficult” She’s “Ever Had” and Social Media Comments Made Her “Resent" The "Audience,” Plus Hints She’s Now Glad She Can’t Film with Daughter

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Lala Kent said season 11 was the “most difficult” she’s “ever had,” and she claimed social media comments made her “resent” the “audience.”

The star also apologized to fans and shared why she’s glad she’s not allowed to film with daughter Ocean (her father Randall Emmett reportedly refuses to allow it).

On the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala has taken heat online for questioning Ariana Madix’s ultimatums to castmates regarding their friendships with her ex Tom Sandoval, who cheated on her. Amid Lala’s current pregnancy, she took a break from social media, and she has spoken less about the show – until now.

“Filming this season was bittersweet. Reliving it was in my opinion one of the most difficult … seasons that I’ve ever had,” said Lala on her Give Them Lala podcast. “I will say it’s more difficult than filming the season that my dad had passed away.”

Lala shared that she stopped talking about the season because she was “seeing things on socials” that made her “extremely angry” and “resent an audience” that she’s “loved and adored for many years.”

“It was the comments that were talking about me as a parent,” said Lala, who indicated she’s now glad that she can’t film with her daughter Ocean – because she gets to keep that part of her life sacred and protected.

Lala didn’t feel it was “fair game” for fans to go after her motherhood on social media, and the comments put her in a “really, really dark space.”

She said this made things especially difficult now that she’s trying to make her body a safe space for the new baby.

Lala encouraged fans to go after her for anything she does on the show – but her role as a mother is “off limits” because fans “know nothing about” this part of her life, and it makes her “blood” start to “boil.”

But Lala admitted that she herself made comments on the podcast that weren’t “kind,” and she “react[s] off of emotion most of the time,” which gets her in “trouble.”

She claimed she “go[es] for the jugular” when she feels “hurt.” For the first time since joining the show, Lala had to separate her “reality” life from her off-camera life because if “one touched the other,” it “took” her “out.”

But she declared that Pump Rules must allow castmates to have an opinion to make a show – though the audience has the right to disagree.

Lala is “grateful” the show has “allowed [her] to live a life” she once dreamed about, and it has given her great “opportunities.”

That star declared that she’s returning to social media on Monday, and she’s “very nervous.”

“I love you and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings at any point in time on this podcast,” she said to fans, ending the episode.