VIDEO: Bethenny Frankel Gets Fake Tattoo of Chanel on Arm After Calling Out Brand as She Blocks Kitson Store Owner for Accusing Her of Misrepresenting Situation

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RHONY Alum Bethenny Frankel Continues Feud With Luxury Clothing Brand Chanel With a Fake Tattoo, Plus She Gets Called Out Over Misrepresenting the Situation

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RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel is always embroiled in drama. Her latest beef happens to be with the luxury clothing brand Chanel, as she was recently denied service at a boutique. However, she’s continuing the issue and has seemingly gotten a tattoo of the brand’s emblem. On top of that, a small business owner in L.A. is calling her out for misrepresenting what happened and not understanding the plight of store owners.

Fans will recall that Bethenny took to social media this month to call out Chanel for denying her entry into the store. She believed it was due to her appearance, as she wasn’t dressed up and even described herself as being sweaty. The RHONY alum also called the store “elitist and exclusionary.” She later went back dressed in Chanel and was still turned away. Bethenny was told that the store was appointment only, but she continued to post rant videos. 


She is nothing if not committed #tattoo #chanel #bigmistakehuge #committothebit #papsmear #lurch #yourang @ChanelOfficial @Vibes Ink Tattoos

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More recently, she shared a video to her TikTok account that documented her seemingly getting a tattoo. However, at the end, as she’s walking out you can see that the tattoo is of Chanel’s iconic emblem, which uses two C’s to represent Coco Chanel’s name. She captioned the post, “She is nothing if not committed #tattoo #chanel  #bigmistakehuge  #committothebit #papsmear #lurch #yourang @ChanelOfficial @Vibes Ink Tattoos.”

It has been confirmed that the Chanel tattoo Bethenny got isn’t permanent. 

Bethenny has also been called out by a small business owner over her handling of the Chanel situation. A store in L.A. called Kitson posted an open letter to her detailing why so many stores are appointment-only. However, Bethenny didn’t take too kindly to the letter and decided to block the Instagram account. 

Since then, the store made another post and captioned it, “Bethenny decided to block Kitson instead of trying to empathize [with] what we were trying to say.” The post contained a series of comments that Instagram users left criticizing Bethenny’s behavior and entitlement. Many comments also discussed the rise in retail theft and how it has led to many high-end boutiques being by appointment only. 

Bethenny is beloved by many fans of the OG RHONY ladies. However, she seems to crave attention at all costs. More recently, she has engaged in what many would call cringy and even entitled behavior and made sure to post it online. This comes after she claimed to have been punched in the face in New York, and many felt that she made it up for attention.