Melissa Pfeister Addresses End of Podcast With Teresa Giudice, Slams “Terrible Lies” & Admits There Are “Reasons” They Abruptly Ended Show Amid Feud Rumors as Fans React

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Teresa Giudice’s Ex Co-Host Melissa Pfeister Addresses Stepping Away from Podcast, Hints at “Terrible Lies” People Have Said, and Claims She Could “Say a Lot More” about Why She Left, as Fans React

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Teresa Giudice’s former podcast co-host Melissa Pfeister addressed stepping away from Namaste B$tches, hinted at “terrible lies” people have said about her, and shared that she could “say a lot more” about why she left – as fans reacted.

In April, the Namaste B$tches podcast mysteriously ended, leaving fans with more questions than answers. Many have speculated that the co-hosts fell out. The rumor was strengthened by the co-hosts’ mutual unfollowing on Instagram. And last week, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star revealed she was starting a solo podcast called Turning The Tables. Melissa also has a solo podcast called Side Piece.

“Regarding the podcast, people have made up some pretty terrible lies about it and me,” said Melissa to Daily Mail. “The truth is I spent over two years of my life, with two kids under six, having another podcast [Side Piece] and being a nutritionist with my own business, creating and building Namaste B$tches.”

“I worked on it 24/7 and after all that, there is no way I would ever do anything to ruin it or go after someone. That’s not who I am or how I roll. You can ask any of the 150-plus people I’ve interviewed and have an amazing relationship with,” she went on. “On top of all that, I’m pregnant and the pregnancy has been very difficult so with all that, it was time for a break from Namaste.”

But she then added: “I could say a lot more of the other reasons I stepped away, but again, that’s not who I am or what I do.”

Fans shared their reactions to the podcast announcement.

“I’ve been waiting for this breakup to happen. Sorry I’m not at all surprised,” wrote one user.

“Who has worked with Teresa and not had a falling out? Another one bites the dust,” said another.

“Teresa falls out with another best friend? How shocking…not,” a third person chimed in.

Back in December, Melissa opened up about having her third miscarriage during her attendance at BravoCon in November.

“I kept the smile on my face. It was extremely hard too as most had their spouse or significant other, friends or family… I was there by myself,” she said at the time. “To go through this and not being able to talk with anyone about it, well, once getting home I just continued not talking about it or trying to think about it.”