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Real Housewives of Dallas

RHOD’s LeeAnne Locken Slams Stephanie Hollman! Feels Betrayed by Cary

LeeAnne Locken RHOD Season 2

Never one to shy away from drama or threatsLeeAnne Locken is explaining her side of the story in her latest Bravo blog.

Viewers of the Real Housewives of Dallas saw a lot of drama unfold on the recent season 2 premiere. One noteworthy moment was when Cary Deuber and Stephanie Hollman read a police report from LeeAnne’s past that included an ex, a knife, and some threats!

Well apparently LeeAnne didn’t take too kindly to Stephanie bringing this information to the show.

LeeAnne blogged, “I was surprised, however, as I watched this first episode, to see Stephanie Hollman, someone who was so adamant against gossiping at the reunion, gossiping away on camera by reading the blog of someone she knows truly despises me.”

She continued, “In this way, I’ve also come to see that the sweet, innocent person I thought Stephanie was is not who she actually is. In fact, I was shocked to hear her call Brandi Redmond a “mean girl,” while blaming her marriage difficulties on Brandi. I could never imagine speaking like that about someone I love or have loved, no matter how hurt I was. It’s a shockingly quick and disturbing change from wanting “blinged out matching toilets” to this level of focused blame and hatred. ”

Next in line is Cary as LeeAnne was surprised to see that Cary didn’t defend her when Stephanie brought up the police report.

“Thoughtfully, Cary did reach out to me the night that Marie released her blog, and I was able to explain to Cary that this was never an actual case and that the situation never even took place,” wrote LeeAnne. “After this conversation with Cary, you can imagine how strange and sad it was for me to see her sit there during this episode, saying nothing, while Stephanie curiously (and excitedly) read this gossip. It was like she was fine letting Stephanie’s words roll out, keeping her mouth shut about my side of things. ”





LeeAnne goes on to slam both ladies once more. “Over all, I’m finding that both Cary and Stephanie, while being polite to my face, are being very nasty behind the scenes. For Cary to explain how much she was hurt and then do nothing while Stephanie read the blog, has made me question if either her pain was real or if she’s just interested in seeing me in pain? Through all of this, I was tested and provoked, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I can and cannot handle,” blogged LeeAnne.

And when it comes to why she felt the need to speak for Brandi Redmond at the party, LeeAnne attempts to explain her actions.

“I need everyone to know that, in the car, Brandi cried to me, ultimately saying that she didn’t want to (and really just couldn’t) talk to Stephanie that night. She wasn’t ready, and she felt it was the wrong place and the wrong time. I’ll admit: I have always taken a protective position with my friends, especially when they are deeply hurting and feeling vulnerable,” explained LeeAnne.

She continued, “Was I overly protective that night? Probably. But, was I going to disappoint Brandi or let her down? No. Cary has no right in her confessionals to tell me to stay out of something that Brandi has involved me in for the last five months. Unless, of course, she only wants that so that she can take a manipulative stance between the two of them. Resolution is what I want for them. A resolution that brings them peace and hopefully some happiness again.”

So there you have it. LeeAnne’s side of the story.



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