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90 Day Fiance

Before the 90 Days’ Cortney and Antonio Update! See What We Found!

TLC Before the 90 Days Antonio and Cortney

UPDATE – We have some new updates below at the very bottom of this post!

The original post is below –

We bring you yet another 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days update as we try to tackle the issue of whether or not model Antonio Millon is a catfish! You can read our previous updates on Darcey & Jesse, Sean & Abby, plus Paul & Karine.

Viewers were stunned this season to find out that 26-yr-old Florida native Cortney Reardanz, was willing and eager to fly to Spain to meet with model Antonio after she admitted they had never Skyped or Facetimed!

The reason? Cortney stated Antonio simply never had the time… despite being very active on his social media pages. This has led many viewers to wonder if Cortney is being catfished by someone pretending to be Antonio. Even crazier, Cortney admitted she had been catfished before. Which makes us wonder if this is also a catfish situation. Well, we did A LOT of digging and below is what we found! And let’s just say someone might be married!

For starters, Antonio Millon is a real model. He is 31-yrs-old and resides in Spain. We were able to find his real Facebook as well as Cortney’s real Facebook page and they are friends (we won’t post Cortney’s FB link as she is keeping it very private).

However we couldn’t find any pictures of them together. Not on Facebook, not on Instagram, and no where on the Internet. The best we could find is this very mild interaction on Facebook with Cortney liking and commenting on a few of his pics. An example of that is via the screenshot below –

90 Day fiance cortney

Cortney can be seen here recently commenting on a photo of Antonio

Okay, all tame. Nothing to see here. Still no confirmation of anything. It’s very possible Cortney was catfished by a fake Antonio and later became friends with the real Antonio once she came back from Spain.

We did some more digging and came across this curious WEDDING PHOTO of Antonio and another woman who is definitely not Cortney! Say whaat?! That photo is below –

Before the 90 days Antonio Wedding picture

90 Day Fiance’s Antonio poses for a wedding photo with a woman who is NOT Cortney

Okay but this is more than likely innocent and could simply be a modeling gig as the photo was found among some of his portfolio photos online. We kept researching and then came across more wedding images below taken from a magazine.

Before the 90 Days Antonio wedding photos

Is Cortney being Catfished? The Real Antonio has wedding photos published in a Spanish magazine.

While it’s possible these are simply modeling photos as well, what makes these photos interesting is the fact that Antonio’s full name is published as well as the name of the “bride” in the magazine.

However at this point we’re still leaning towards the real Antonio’s not married and then we come across this photo of him shared by a friend of his on Facebook. What set off the alarms about this picture? Well just take a look at his ring finger!

90 Day Fiance Antonio Ring Finger

Is Antonio Married? Engaged? Is that a Wedding Ring he has on?

Yes, that looks like a wedding or engagement ring on the real Antonio’s finger!  And this other photo of Antonio below was posted by a family member in April of this year. Check out his hand again!

Antonio Ring Finger

A photo of Antonio from this year. Check out his ring finger again!

Which brings us to the end, and we must say we are more confused than ever! All signs however lead to something fishy going on, otherwise why wouldn’t “Antonio” make time to Facetime with Cortney who he knew was traveling across the world to come and see him?

There are also other theories out there that perhaps this is all a fake storyline created for ratings sake. There are some things that support this, for example – Antonio’s Instagram is private and he doesn’t seem to be accepting any new friend requests (trust us, we tried!). The question is why would a model make his only Instagram page private? Cortney’s social media pages are private as well and she doesn’t even go by her last name on her Facebook page. Hmm.

Well, we will just have to wait and see where this story leads on TLC. Or if you have any news or tips, you’re always free to contact us so we can update this post.

In the meantime, we can all enjoy some eye-candy photos of Antonio Millón!

Antonio Millón


Is 90 Day Fiance Antonio a Catfish?


Before the 90 Days Antonio


90 Day Fiance Cortney Marie Reardanz,

UPDATE #1 – As we all saw on the 9/10/17 episode of Before the 90 Days, Antonio is very real and not a catfish! So are he and Cortney still together? Well the jury is still out on that based on their most recent interaction on Cortney’s Instagram on 9/11/17.  They seem to be giving off BFF vibes rather than dating vibes but we’ll let you be the judge!

Courtney and Antonio had this cute interaction on Instagram.

UPDATE #2 (10/9/17) – Are they or aren’t they?! Cortney and Antonio continue to keep us guessing as the couple has been posting some cute messages and photos to each other on social media while not exactly revealing the current status of their relationship.

Antonio Million posted this picture of both of them together on his Instagram in late September with the caption: “My face when toxic people try to hurt us ??. I am really thankful for all of the support we have received from lovely people. It is a pleasure to read your positive comments everyday! Beside me, you can see a beautiful, sweet, silly, and smart girl who has my back and makes me feel happy. I can’t say more about it because you should keep watching the show ? ? Thanks a lot! Our best wishes to everyone!”

Antonio Millón antoniomillon Instagram

Cortney also shared a sweet message to Antonio via her Instagram on 10/5/17 with the caption: “”Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kinds of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody that lets you cry too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute- even when the waters get deep and dark.”

Cortney xoxo_cortney

TLC recently filmed a reunion episode with most of the cast so we will have to wait to find out what the exact status of these two are!

UPDATE #3 (10/15/17) – So we have a new update today and for anyone rooting for these two crazy kids, we are sorry to say Cortney and Antonio are no longer together. The two however appear to remain on friendly terms based on their interaction on social media. The first hint was when Cortney made her Instagram public after TLC aired the first episode featuring her meeting Antonio in Spain, we noticed that right after she got back from Spain during the summer (when it was filmed) she seemed to post some memes that indicated she was still single. We didn’t post that as she appeared to delete those posts before we could get screenshots. We then got another confirmation this weekend, and unfortunately we can’t reveal our source for that but these two are definitely over. And truthfully she deserves better! Antonio just doesn’t seem ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, Cortney posted this photo with her castmate Patrick over the weekend which has some fans wondering if there’s something more going on here as we all know things didn’t quite work out between Patrick and Myriam during his visit to France.  It’s likely they are just friends as they met last month during the filming of the show’s reunion.

cortney and patrick 90 day fiance before the 90 days

Before the 90 Days stars Cortney and Patrick hanging out!

UPDATE #4 – Antonio confirmed his split from Cortney in January 2018. Below is a screenshot from his Instagram Stories.


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