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    Before the 90 Days Update: Are Darcey and Jesse Still Together?

    Before the 90 Day Fiance Jesse and Darcey Update

    As 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days continues to air, many are wondering if the couples are still together.

    We first gave you an update on Abby and Sean, and today we’re moving on to another controversial couple Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester.  So are Jesse and Darcey still together in 2017? We have that answer below!

    Believe it or not, Darcey, 42, and Jesse, 24, recently broke up. This one is shocking because the couple was still together as of July (they went on a vacation together to Greece that month) but a Facebook post by Darcey made on August 14 shows they are done.

    In the post, Darcey appears to imply Jesse was cheating on her. Yikes.

    Darcey posted, “So over it!!!!! Now he can f**k all the other b****s!!! Come on ladies!!! He’s a single man and available!!! He’s hott!!! He got lots to choose from I’m sure anyway!”  That screenshot is below.

    And just a week earlier, Jesse also posted a cryptic Facebook post that seemed to insinuate a break up. That screenshot is below.

    Is Jesse alluding to a split in this Facebook post?

    Even more, it’s been days and the couple isn’t denying they have split. Plus Darcey appears to have deleted all photos of Jesse from her Instagram with the exception of a few promoting the show.  While it’s possible they might get back together in the future, it’s safe to say they are done for now!

    90 Day Fiance Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester
    Jesse and Darcey during a recent photoshoot


    UPDATE #1  (9/16/17) – Well folks, we have a new update as it appears Darcey and Jesse are back together! So hard to keep up with all this drama!

    First Darcey took to her Instagram and made the following post about Jesse on 9/13/17 during which she captioned a photo of them together with the words: ” I Love you ❤️”.  A screenshot of that is below –

    90 Day Fiance Darcey and Jesse appear to be back together

    And then Jesse responded to a comment on his Instagram page during which he acknowledged Darcey made the public Facebook post last month saying they were done, but he claims it was simply a moment of anger and that they never actually broke up.

    A screenshot of Jesse’s post is below –

    Jesse Instagram
    Jesse posted this and reveals the couple is still together despite Darcey’s previous Facebook Post

    So there you have it, Darcey and Jesse are still going strong despite some bumps in the road. Perhaps these two crazy kids might make it after all!

    UPDATE #2  (9/25/17) – Darcey and Jesse are definitely back together! In fact Jesse is currently in New York visiting Darcey and her kids. Darcey posted this photo on her Snapchat this weekend showing her daughters with Jesse.  Her snapchat is darceysilva11.  Good luck to the couple!

    Before the 90 Days Darcey and Jesse Update
    Jesse is visiting Darcey in New York to help celebrate her 43rd birthday.

    UPDATE #3 (10/30/17)Well folks, it seems like the couple has broken up yet again. Oddly enough, they stayed together following the super awkward reunion but some drama went down this weekend when a tipsy Darcey went into a jealous rage in the comments section of Jesse’s Instagram and went off on a female fan.

    Darcey wrote, “Maybe u guys got something special… if you want him then just ask him” to the female fan.

    Darcey eventually deleted her comments, and Jesse then apologized for her behavior and blamed it on her drinking. Yikes. Jesse wrote, “Sorry for that! She knows she has a problem with alcohol and shouldn’t do this. Good thing you only see it once on the show.”

    You can see those screenshots below. Following this spat, these two crazy mature kids deleted photos of each other off their Instagram pages. Something tells me however they will be back together in no time!

    jesse instagram


    UPDATE #4  (11/1/17) – Yep, you guessed it! Darcey and Jesse are already back together. Just hours ago, the two took to their Instagram pages to post sweet nothings to each other. You can see those posts below. They both turned off the comments, perhaps not wanting to hear any backlash from fans who saw the reunion.

    jesse instagram

    Darcey on Instagram