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90 Day Fiance

Before the 90 Days Tell All Recap: Did Jesse and Darcey Break Up After the Reunion?

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Cast Reunion tell all preview

The two hours couples tell all special for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days aired yesterday and it didn’t disappoint though it left some questions for a certain couple. Here is a recap of the 6 couples as they navigate the bumpy road of international long distance relationships. The reunion special was hosted by Shaun Robinson who asked all the right questions, with nothing being off limits. So let’s dive into, shall we?

Let’s start with the most dysfunctional interesting couple of all Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester. Must say Darcey looks much younger and slimmer compared to her previous appearance on the show. You go girl! A clip is shown where Jesse and Darcey are having a face time conversation but lover boy doesn’t seem quite excited to want to see Darcey anytime soon, maybe in a year he says. Ouch! A disappointed Darcey pretended to be surprised when Shaun announced that Jesse was also in the studio. It seemed Shaun was more excited to see Jesse than Darcey. Just saying. They embraced each other though the sparks seemed to have fizzled like a two day old can of soda. A couple of times, we got to see Darcey’s appreciation/promise ring which is exactly what every woman over 40 wants from her boyfriend!

After watching the video where Darcey was intoxicated, Jesses goes off on Darcey stunning all of us including the host. Jesse doesn’t deny calling Darcey some derogatory names when he is upset though he has apologized.  Darcey gets emotional and Jesse insists he loves her a lot and would like to marry her in the future as long as he gets to control her! They do more arguing as Darcey gives off the body language of a broken woman, and apparently Shaun can read my mind as she seems to have had enough at this point as well. Thank ya Shaun. She ends the segment and even Shaun’s exit from the studio seemed just a tad bit awkward too!

They finally walk out together but we are  still not sure what just went down TLC! The good news is you’re in luck today as we can give you the backstory and update on these two. For starters, Jesse’s appearance was not a surprise as he was already staying with Darcey once he visited New York back in September. The couple was still together following the filming of the reunion (it was filmed around the weekend of Sept. 24), but ultimately they broke up again this weekend after Darcey apparently had a few drinks and went into a jealous rage in the comments section of Jesse’s Instagram page. You can read more about that drama here!

Abby and Sean reunion

Moving on as in a never before seen footage, we watched Sean Hiler, 47, propose to Abby Saint Germain, 20, during one of his trips to Haiti, and Abby was indeed surprised but she agreed to marry him. Abby is currently in the Dominican Republic living in Chris’s house though she plans to cut ties with him eventually. Must say Sean is quite an understanding fiance! Perhaps too understanding. She doesn’t quite say why she is there but Sean seems to understand. The couple, despite their age difference, seem to be very much in love. Abby has promised to do away with Chris for good which means no more money or clothes to sell from her sugar daddy.  We aren’t totally surprised though very sad when Abby confirms she is basically Chris’s sex toy.  “He was giving me money, and I was staying in his condo but all of this is going to be in the past,” she promises.

Couldn’t help but notice a newly engaged Abby wasn’t wearing her ring so here’s to hoping Chris hasn’t pawned it to pay for Abby’s part of the rent!  We also learnt Chris needs to stay far away from Sean as it’s going to be on like donkey kong if their paths ever cross.  The newly engaged couple is considering applying for the K1 visa so we may see them graduate on to 90 Day Fiancé though they have a lot to ponder.


Larry and Jenny Before the 90 days tell all reunion

Larry Passariello and Jenny De are still very much boring in love, they talk several hours a day and are not letting the long distance come between them, according to Larry. They had a very emotional parting when Larry left to return to the States which rather surprised me because Jenny seemed hardcore. Remember she cries for no man!  The lovebirds have filed their papers for the K1 visa and are just waiting to hear back. So Jenny may be here before you know it. And if you were wondering, Larry has promised if given another opportunity he will eat the pig.


90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Tell All patrick mom

Reliving the scene when Myriam tells Patrick Cornett she has a boyfriend, I about fell off my seat all over again. It’s business as usual for Patrick when he returns home to his daughter, daughter’s mother and mother.  Though delusional Patrick is still very adamant that he and Myriam might have a future together – don’t hold your breath boo!  Couldn’t help but notice that Patrick and the mother of his daughter have a very cordial relationship and seem to effectively co-parent their daughter. Kudos to them.

Myriam makes it clear that even though she thinks Patrick is wonderful, she still doesn’t want to date him. Even during the reunion, it’s evident the duo are still on very different pages, nothing has changed as Myriam still has her imaginary boyfriend while Patrick still thinks he has a chance. Things do go from 0 to 100 once Mama P enters the conversation! You don’t want to mess with her! The no nonsense Mama doesn’t mince words towards Myriam who she believes was deceptive to her son. At the end of the day, Patrick still wants to be friends with Myriam but thanks to Mama P she may have ruined his chances with Myriam as she made her cry on national television.


before the 90 days reunion cortney antonio

Antonio Millon was disappointed that he and Cortney Reardanz weren’t intimate on the first night as his friends made him believe all girls from America are “so fast”.  Such a charmer that one!  We get to see a facetime sesh with the couple and Antonio is all of a sudden ‘No habla ingles’ once Cortney starts hitting him up with the hard questions like do you believe in cheating? Will you be faithful?  Antonio pretends that he has no clue what she is taking about though he agrees he is just feigning obliviousness when Shaun asked him.

Cortney refuses to take the many hints Antonio is throwing her way, and insists on returning to Spain while they continue to get to know each other.  She is also planning to learn Spanish. Antonio and Cortney are still getting to know one another and marriage is supposedly in the future as Antonio realizes he is getting older. The update on Cortney & Antonio was a bit surprising as we stated in our update on them that while they were still friends, all signs pointed to them no longer being together!

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are very much together as the two were together in Brazil during the taping.  With the help of a Portugese translator, Paul and Karine gave the language app a much needed break. Karine had her doubts about Paul returning to Brazil after the show, but not even his criminal past could come between these two lovebirds. Paul was dramatic visibly upset when he saw the video of Karine being mugged on camera, so he walked off then returned shortly.

Shaun asked Karine about Paul’s request to take the STD and pregnancy test, and she wasn’t thrilled though she did it. It doesn’t seem like Karine remembers but Paul claims he showed Karine the results of his STD test – the results were negative according to him. Paul plans to stay in Brazil longer and go back and forth within the two countries. Of course the two are engaged as we witnessed on the last episode.




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