Tom D’Agostino Speaks Out About Divorce, LuAnn de Lesseps Says Her “Bed Feels Empty” Without Tom

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Tom D'Agostino and LuAnn

Tom D’Agostino is finally breaking his silence by speaking out for the first time since his separation from LuAnn de Lesseps..

If you recall, Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn announced last month that she and Tom were getting a divorce, following just seven months of marriage.

In a new interview with E! Online, the 50-year-old NYC businessman says he is saddened things didn’t work out.

“I fell in love, got married quickly and am very sad that two people in love are not together,” Tom told E!. “The publicized reasons for the divorce make for a great Reality TV story line. I wish Luann much happiness and love.”

Those publicized reasons have included claims that Tom was unfaithful to Luann as he was seen at parties with a bevy of women that didn’t include his wife.

In fact Luann, 52, also alluded to this in her upcoming Bravo interview special scheduled to air tonight. In her interview with Andy Cohen, LuAnn revealed the last straw for her was reading in the press that Tom had partied with an ex-girlfriend.

“It was like the weekend before the reunion basically. And Tom went out and he called up an old girlfriend, and they met up with a group of people,”  LuAnn told Andy. “And I didn’t know about it. I found out about it the next day in the press. So that for me was like the final straw. I was like I can’t do this anymore.”

Perhaps this is an attempt by Tom to do damage control before LuAnn’s special, which will oddly enough be airing tonight on Bravo at 11/10c.

Meanwhile LuAnn is also speaking out to PEOPLE magazine during which she opens more about the divorce.

“This has been one of the toughest times of my life — that, and getting divorced the first time,” says Luann.  “I have a sense of failure, and I hate to fail,” she adds. “I wake up at night, and my bed feels empty now that he’s gone.”

She adds that her kids, Victoria, 22, and Noel, 20, have been helping her get through this.

“They’ve really been there for me,” says Luann. “Victoria goes to yoga with me; my son comes home just to be with me. They’ve been very understanding and supportive and just have my back.”

So would she get married again? “I choose to see the good in people, not the negative,” she says. “I’m shamelessly optimistic. As for getting married again? Never say never. But I’d definitely be more cautious next time.”