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90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Recap: Crossing the Line – Yackity Yack and Don’t Talk Back

david and annie 90 day fiance recap

Bringing you the latest recap of 90 Day Fiance Season 5, episode 18 titled ‘Crossing the Line.’ Let’s get right into it!

David & Annie:

Thailand – currently the land of the money borrowing and kangaroo dancing when it comes to David and his fiancé, Annie. David sets up a video chat with his daughter, Ashley, who has ZERO clue that her father is engaged and bringing Annie back to America. We already feel bad for David, but my heart broke a little more when his daughter refers to Annie as “Phantom Annie.” Basically, she just told her dad he’s dating George Glass. David tries to clear this mystery up and allows Annie to video chat with his “outspoken” daughter who immediately bonds with Annie. “Can you do nails?” –asks Ashley to Annie. First, creepy friend Chris asks Annie about massages, now David’s daughter asks about nails?! Poor Annie.

For one of their last nights in Thailand, Annie and David decide to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party…cuz THAT’S a good idea. Cue the kangaroo dancing David. Annie seems to be having a great time, but then the wheels fall off when she realizes just how drunk David is. The two begin an argument around “yacking.” Annie doesn’t want David to “yack” her. David claims he is “not yacking” her. Back and forth we go with this yacking, until Annie has had enough. She confides in a best friend that she is not sure how this relationship can continue and if they were in America, she would be “screwed.” Creepy friend Chris tries to step in, but this doesn’t look like something that money can fix, so put those baht away, bro. David’s gonna have to romance Annie back into loving him all by himself.

olivia luis molly 90 day fiance recap crossing the line

Molly & Luis:

Down in Georgia, Luis is getting hyped to propose to his lady friend. He bought the perfect ring for Molly and, ever the gentleman, wishes to get the approval of Olivia, Molly’s older daughter. She has zero time or tolerance for this fast love affair. Olivia claims she is “happy for you guys” and proceeds to throw up jazz hands to really prove it to Luis, but I’m calling her bluff.

Molly decides to pack a picnic and bring Luis to the beach. This beach is not the beach Luis is used to. There are no DJs, bikini clad babes, or pina coladas, but there is sand, so there’s that! After being forced fed cheese and crackers, Luis gets down on one knee and proposes to Molly. It was adorable. Of course Molly says yes and then immediately gets concerned about the food, cheese, and cake at the wedding. I am SO coming to this reception.

Molly invites her daughter Olivia to a dinner with Luis where the three of them discuss wedding plans. Olivia likes that this happened since her and her mom usually “bond over food.” OMG. Adopt me, please. The lovebirds go over the top with PDA and just push Olivia over her limit. Luis continues to desperately seek approval of Molly’s family. If everyone can deal with Jess, Molly’s live-in brother with a ponytail and board shorts, then I think Luis is going to be just fine. Luis tries extra hard with Olivia and works on becoming the “cool step-dad,” but makes for an awkward family pool game when he discusses Olivia’s boyfriend and sex, except he uses the more vulgar four letter word. #Toofar. Olivia is creeped out, rightfully so, and even looks to the camera crew for help. She steps out of the pool room, and Luis continues his vulgarity not understanding how inappropriate he’s being. This is what happens when you’re desperate you bring a man you barely know around your kids. Good luck learning the American culture, Luis… An angry Molly is not the type of Molly I would want to deal with.

90 day fiance elizabeth andrei

Elizabeth & Andrei:

Over in Ireland, Elizabeth nervously awaits the return of Andrei (as you read please be sure to overemphasize the rolled R in his name) from his K1 visa interview. This is the day they will find out if they can bring their romance back to the US of A. As Andrei (roll that R) enters the café, Elizabeth appears apprehensive because he has “zero expression” on his face, just like basically any other day… Once he explains that he did, in fact, get his visa, the lovebirds have an awkward make-out sesh in public, which ends abruptly once Andrei points out his main purpose of his life is not to meet Elizabeth’s family. Ouch.

At the celebratory dinner, Elizabeth, who describes her fiancé as having a “serious” temper (red flag anyone?!), further pushes her submissive boundaries. Andrei speaks of forbidding Elizabeth to do certain things and tells her that clubbing is “not an option.” Sometimes I think Andrei’s thoughts get lost in translation, but then I remember, nah. I will tell you that I will never attend a bachelorette party in Moldova. Supper? A bottle of Prosecco? Snooze fest.

Evelyn and David 90 day fiance recap

Evelyn & David:

Over in New Hampshire, Evelyn and David are currently experiencing tuxedo turmoil. Nothing quite like wedding stress, amiright? Evelyn is gushing about a black tuxedo for David since it’s something she has wanted her “whole life.” Yep, all 18 years. Inside the tuxedo store, Evelyn introduces David as “my BAE.” That’s something only teenagers call each other…oh….wait. Despite that intro, David soldiers on and gets forced into putting on that classic black tux, since according to Evelyn, that’s the one thing she really wants. Oh, and the invites to be just so. And hotel accommodations to be set up. And…and… Basically, David has no say, but isn’t standing for it. The two engage in a pretty heated argument regarding the issues at stake, whilst poor CJ, the sales associate, forces a smile and says that’s what happens in this business. No CJ, this is not what happens. Evelyn just needs to give poor David a break. The guy came from Spain, gave up everything, and is now forced to be called BAE, and not in a meme.

The wedding issues continue to get the best of these two. At the cake tasting, Evelyn “allows” David to make the cake choice. They obviously find a way to disagree and fight cuz that’s just the way it is with them. Due to financial concerns, the couple decides to get a smaller cake only for their bridal party. What happened to David calling the cake shots?

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Josh and Aika

Josh & Aika:

The frat house in Arizona, I mean Josh’s house, looks super romantic. Aika surprisingly loves it, but felt the pressure from Josh’s BFF, Joe, the night before. Joe called Aika out on looking solely for an American guy to date, yet Aika admitted it was true. The conundrum of dating a foreigner evolves further. Aika dresses for the grocery store and learns some serious American lessons, such as do not wear heels to the grocery store. Josh stares googly-eyed at his “prize” girlfriend and pressures her to model. Aika cannot imagine where he would ever get an idea like that, despite being dressed for a nightclub while running errands.

Josh declares it “a good day to be a model” as he drives Aika to the modeling agency. Josh is awfully concerned with having a model wife. Perhaps he should be more concerned about getting his own place?? But, he has high hopes for Aika. #strutit. Aika is told by the agency that she has potential and Josh’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree! She smashes his hopes and dreams when she tells the agents that she wants to start a family ASAP. Hold up! Kiss that model wife dream goodbye, Josh.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole & Azan:

Day 18 in Morocco- fight over. Time for a family walk on the beach to kick back, relax, and ride a camel. Azan jumps right onto the camel and tries hard to get young May on board, but ya know, camels. She would much rather throw sand around in hopes of digging far enough to get back to Florida, even though Azan is doing a great job being sweet to her. Azan lets us in on his current jobless situation and blames his lack of job on needy Nicole, because she hated that Azan could never text on the job because he was…..working?! To make up for his lack of income, Nicole would periodically send cash to Azan. She claims that it’s “normal for the girl to pay,” but can we get a clarification of this please? Normal to pay for a coffee in the morning or normal to pay for a boyfriend?

Azan takes May and Nicole market hopping because he is still pushing that healthy lifestyle for Nicole. Azan CLEARLY never ate McDonald’s because he would never be complaining about Nicole’s lack of cooking. However, the Moroccan experience brought to you by Azan’s aunt is not entirely enticing. The sheep’s head grosses out Nicole so much so that she tries to make her child May eat it before SHE does. #motheringatitsbest. The classic line came from Azan when he responded to Nicole’s disgust with, “This is the first time you’re telling me you’re not hungry!” BURN.



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