Kim Zolciak Slams Her Parents! Calls Them “Disgusting and Sad” Due to Dad Joe Zolciak’s Comments

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann on WWHL

It’s been years now since Kim Zolciak became estranged from her parents, and unfortunately not much has changed.

In a new social media post, the Don’t Be Tardy star is slamming her parents, calling them “disgusting and sad” and it’s all due to some comments her father recently made.

Kim tweeted, “It’s disgusting and sad. My parents haven’t been a part of my life ort@kids (sic) for 6 yrs. They have never met Kash or our dog. I do know they will do anything for a dollar.”

So what set her off? It all has to do with an interview her dad Joe Zolciak gave to In Touch Weekly.

In the interview, Joe blasted Kim’s decision to keep her dog Sinn who bit her 5-year-old son Kash back in April. Kim, 39, revealed last week that she and husband Kroy Biermann decided to keep the dog despite the fact that it nearly blinded their son.

“If I had a dog that attacked one of my children, it would be gone,” Joe said of the dog.  He added that if Kim and Kroy, 32, “want to keep the dog that bit my grandson in the face, then shame on them! You don’t know if it’s going to happen again.”

Kim had more words for her parents as she took to her Instagram page as well and posted a meme that said “Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.”

She then added, “Truth!! Anyone that is close to me or my family knows first hand how incredibly difficult this situation with my baby @kashbiermann was for us and still is! My parents who haven’t been a part of me or my families lives for close to 6 yrs somehow thinks its appropriate to comment or give their opinion on a situation they know NOTHING about! They have never even met Kash or any of our dogs! Thank you for being my ride or die @nikitpressley and sending me this quote today. No matter what I still can’t and will never be able to grasp the fact my parents will say or do whatever they can for a dollar. #Disgusting#IllNeverUnderstand #MyTeamSaysToSayNothing #ButThisIsTooMuch”

That post is below –

Kim and her parents fell out back in 2011 around the same time she married Kroy. Oddly enough, Kroy is also estranged from his parents following his marriage to Kim. Starting to see a pattern here.

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