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Don't Be Tardy

Kim Zolciak Gives Update On Relationship with Her Parents Today!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

On the latest episode of Don’t Be Tardy, viewers saw Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle Biermann encouraging her to reach out to her parents following years of estrangement.

Kim, 39, has been estranged from both of her parents for six years now following her wedding to Kroy Biermann. She had a fight with her mother Karen Zolciak on her wedding day over which bathroom her mom could use (Kim stated all guests including her mother had to use the outdoor bathrooms while her mother insisted she wanted to use the indoor bathroom) and haven’t spoken since.

So Brielle finally called Kim’s dad Joe Zolciak on the show last night, but her grandmother answered the phone instead. When Brielle asked if they could all meet the next day, Karen coldly stated she and Joe already had plans with friends. Brielle mentioned that she could finally meet some of her grandkids that she had never met, but Karen wouldn’t budge saying they’ve had their plans for weeks now and couldn’t cancel. This made Kim emotional as she stated she didn’t understand how her mother could do that to Brielle.

So has there been any positive change in Kim’s relationship with her parents since that scene was filmed months ago? That answer is no according to Kim. “I have not seen my parents in over six years. They recently just sold another ‘story’ to a tabloid, which is one of the reasons I stopped communicating with them in the first place. I learned that some people never change. It’s sad,” she told the Daily Dish.

The story she’s talking about is an interview her dad did with a tabloid magazine last month during which he criticized her for allowing the dog that bit her son Kash back into their home.

Kim however insists she would not stand in the way of her parents having a relationship with her kids: “I’ve learned after many years that my mom is who she is and that’s it. I’m thankful for my upbringing. I don’t have any regrets, but I can’t change somebody. So it took me many years to realize that. But I will never discourage Brielle or Ariana or any of them to not have a relationship with their grandparents or whoever they choose to have a relationship with.”

Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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