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90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Recap Finale Part 1: Second Thoughts

90 day fiance second thoughts recap david annie

Part one of the finale of 90 Day Fiance and the 90 days are just about up….what’re the odds that more than half of these couples are breaking up??

David & Annie:

After the news Annie received from David’s daughter Ashley, Annie walked out on David and fled to Chris and Nikki, who happened to be in Kentucky for the wedding-to-be. OF COURSE she ran to them. Even Annie knows that Chris has unlimited cash flow and can hook her up. Smart girl. Despite her anger, Annie agrees to meet up with David at the park to discuss what to do next. David shows up in a snazzy suit and asks Annie, “Where do we go from here?” Annie explains her shock and yells that David never told her about his past. David states that he absolutely did because he told Annie “my last relationship wasn’t perfect.” Every person knows that CLEARLY translates to, “I cheated on my wife with prostitutes.” Annie, you have SO much to learn. In the end, David does not seem to be fighting for this relationship very hard. It’s as if he has a prostitute meeting him in ten on the other side of the park. Too soon? Annie tells David “this is not what I want” and David gives her an ultimatum.

David can’t stay away from Annie for long and asks to meet her at a restaurant, still in his snazzy suit. He ugly cries to Annie about how hard it has been for him to “face his demons from his past.” Annie says that Chris and Nikki are her “best friends” here and David seems appalled that he is not her BFF. David makes one more attempt to woo his love back and after hemming and hawing for a good 12 seconds, Annie decides that yes, she will still marry this dreamboat. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. Now that they have reconciled, Annie asks that David meet with Chris to be sure that everything is sorted out. Cash-Money-Chris tries to explain to David that HE would have to take care of Annie should the relationship go south since he is Annie’s sponsor. Chris tells David that he cannot simply quit on Annie the next time they get into a fight. David shares that he will be better and do better and that is exactly why he wanted to get married in Kentucky- to prove to his kids he IS different and better than before. There’s a good idea- invite your KIDS to the wedding, David. They tried to sabotage the whole relationship, but hey, the more the merrier!

Cash-Money-Chris decides he will support David the “underdog” and “financially help the wedding” to essentially show how much money he has, I mean to give David and Annie the wedding they deserve. David explains to Annie that by having a bigger wedding, it would prove to everyone in Kentucky that he is “reinvented.” David’s definition of “reinvented” actually means Cash-Money-Chris covers the bill, but that’s just a minor detail. Baller David gives Annie “two, three hundred” dollars to go get herself a wedding dress. Good luck with that budget, girlfriend! Nikki and Annie roll up to the Bridal Warehouse where Annie begins the wedding fashion show. Annie says yes to a $318.07 dress and even David agrees to the price. Annie’s credit card doesn’t work because it is “foreign,” so obviously Nikki steps in and supplies her card so Annie can have a wedding dress. Shocker. I am not sure if Annie is in on this scheme, but I know that David is totally playing everyone when it comes to money. #Shyster.

Molly & Luis:

90 day fiance second thoughts recap molly brother luis

The last time we saw these two, they were screaming about religious relics and Luis’s behavior towards Molly’s children. Molly is left reeling from the heartbreak and (FINALLY) realizes Luis is never going to be the man she wants him to be toward her children. Molly’s brother Jess (you all remember him- the one who went to the strip club with Luis for his bachelor party and the one who paid the limo driver so they could stay longer despite the fact that his sister wanted Luis home hours ago…that guy) tries his best to console his sister, but secretly is upset that he no longer will have a dude in the house to do dude things with, like ya know, go to a strip club. Luis enters the kitchen mid heart-to-heart with Molly and Jess and I am PRETTY sure he smacked Jess’s booty on the way into the room, yet neglected to even go near a sniffling Molly. Hmmmm. Molly is left wondering if the wedding should STILL go on, even though her brother explains that “all the red flags are being flown.” The fact that Molly is unsure what to do about the wedding worries me. It worries me a whole lot.

90 day fiance second thoughts recap molly daughter olivia

As Molly goes back and forth about her relationship (if you can even call it that) with Luis, brother Jess suggests that Molly use “straight up Southern gut” to figure out what to do. I think if you’re talking about calling off a wedding 3 days before it is supposed to happen, then it should NOT be happening. Interestingly enough, Molly’s older daughter, Olivia, had the same EXACT advice to share with her mother. Molly tries to talk to Luis one last time and when she enters the room, we viewers hear the ever so charming Luis say to her, “don’t talk to me. My brother is coming for me.” And with that, it’s over. “This isn’t right for my kids, and it’s not right for me either.” FINALLY, Molly has seen the light.

While Molly’s kids are in school, Molly and her mother get out of the house to avoid an awkward run-in with Luis’s brothers as they come to take him back to the DR. Molly, surprisingly, seems to be pretty together and has already cancelled all of the wedding plans. Molly’s mother points out that she still has her engagement ring on, which starts the waterworks again for Molly.

“I no wanna talking” are Luis’s final words before he heads out of Molly’s house to meet his brothers. What a troll. During Molly’s Q&A at the end of the episode, she explains to the producer that Luis’s visa is not technically going to expire. He doesn’t HAVE to go back to the Dominican Republic. Since, ya know, they are “legally married!” WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?! Yup. Molly and Luis signed the paperwork PRIOR to the wedding. They are married. On paper. With the court. No one saw THAT bombshell coming! You can read TLC’s response to that shocker here.

Elizabeth & Andrei:

90 day fiance second thoughts recap jen andrei

While out on a stroll, Andrrrrrrrrrei has Elizabeth in a tight grip, I mean they are holding hands, as they discuss the bachelorette party issues. Mainly, Andrei is furious that Elizabeth’s sisters took her phone away. He claims that he does not trust them and he decides to meet up with Elizabeth’s sister Jen because he wants to have a chat with her about the whole phone issue. Jen looks terrified as Andrei walks over to her. She looks even more frightened when Andrei says “I need a drink to have this conversation with you” and to be honest, I got slightly uncomfortable as well. Andrei basically wanted to bully Jen and warn her that if she does not support the relationship, they are not invited to come to the upcoming wedding. Jen states that is a ridiculous statement and that she simply wanted to “test” Andrei and see “what he is made of.” I, for one, would never test Andrei! Andrei begins to understand that Jen was trying to be a protective big sis, but now HE wants to be the one to protect Elizabeth. You know the old saying, once a bouncer, always a bouncer!

Evelyn & David:

90 day fiance second thoughts recap evelyn wedding dress

In 24 hours, David is going to make the worst decision of his life by marrying Evelyn. Joking! Kind of. David is pumped up that his buddies from Spain have arrived and the crew heads on over to try on the tuxes for tomorrow’s big day. Clearly, Evelyn won the tux battle and the guys all look very handsome, despite it being Evelyn’s idea. Ricardo, David’s most out-spoken friend, wastes no time roasting the bride-to-be. He states that this whole wedding planning seems like “all Evelyn, all the time” and that the groomsmen are just “doing everything Evelyn wanted us to do.” This guy hasn’t been in the US for more than 3 hours and already has caught onto how this relationship rolls. Ricardo also tells the camera that he asked David if he was in love with Evelyn and David simply stated, “I’m happy.” Ummmmm.

On the morning of the wedding, Evelyn’s bridesmaid are out of control…someone needs to calm those wild women down! Just kidding. I think someone should check to see if they have pulses. Where’s the champagne? That’s right…they’re only EIGHTEEN!! As Evelyn prepares for the big day, I just have one question: What era is Evelyn from? Yes, every bride is glowing on her wedding day, but she looks like she stepped out of Great Expectations and will be calling her horse and buggy to take her to the church. Over at the other apartment, David is giddy and so excited that he loses the house keys. That should make for an interesting “first night” together, don’t you think, David? Maybe he purposely lost the keys to avoid any type of sex talk conversation with Evelyn post wedding….?

Josh & Aika:

90 day fiance second thoughts recap josh aika wedding dress

Even though Josh and Aika have been “a little distant” since their fight, they’re powering through and getting married in just ONE day! As they drive to their ever-so classy Vegas nuptials, Aika gives Josh some lip (“just don’t talk to me”) and Josh admits he is worried about her attitude in the future. Aika claims that since she is 36, she just “can’t start over” with someone new, so essentially, Josh will have to do. Once the couple arrives in Vegas, they head down to meet Josh’s mother who, obviously, is quite uncertain about her son’s soon-to-be third wedding. She describes Josh as “compulsive” and his step-dad is “blunt” and tells Josh his “track record sucks” and that he needs to “get his sh*t together.” Other than embarrassing the pants off of Josh, the dinner goes swimmingly, despite some emotional conversations about future children. Josh’s mom decides Aika is going to be a great third wife for her son since the third time’s the charm (fingers crossed)!

I’m almost positive this is the most air time Josh and Aika have gotten all season and I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m just glad to be able to check out this “intimate” vow exchange between these two. Josh really went all out for this day- he has on his best jeans- and he is ready to be married “for the last time.” The wedding guests look ready to hit up the slots and the 24 hour buffet, so this better be a quick ceremony. Aika was appropriately dressed for the event in an over-the-top corset high-low-wedding gown, just no one put the lady anywhere near an open flame since all that taffeta would go up in a jiffy. If you watch the vow exchange in slow motion, you can catch Aika saying “I choose you forever as long as you give me a baby or twelve.” I am almost positive that’s what she said. Anyhow, the happy couple got hitched. It’s official because they frolicked down the Vegas strip hollering it.

Nicole & Azan:

90 day fiance second thoughts recap nicole brother may

Nicole and May are back in the states and are given a big bowl of #realtalk from Nicole’s family. Nicole, slightly nervous to tell all the details of the Morocco trip, meets her mom, stepdad, and brother out for dinner. It’s interesting to see the family dynamic- her mother, Robbalee, nabbed herself an older man, so it is evident that the ladies in this family are clearly man eaters. But, I digress. Nicole explains how Azan was still weary of their relationship due to trust issues with Nicole since she cheated on him. Nicole’s brother Thomas lays into her stating that May should stop calling Azan “daddy” because if something should go wrong in this relationship, May is going to be left confused. Apparently, this isn’t Nicole’s first rodeo of having May call boyfriends “daddy!” You would think she would learn her lesson, but alas, she does not. Thomas also adds that Nicole needs to stop being Azan’s sugar mama and that when he comes to America, he better get a job. If he doesn’t, Thomas promises HE will find a job for him. Can’t wait to see Azan get welcomed into this family!



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