RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville Slams Lisa Vanderpump! Calls Her a Liar & Claims She Lied Under Oath

by Sola Delano Comments

brandi glanville vs lisa vaderpump

Brandi Glanville is yet again speaking out against her former friend and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump!

On a recent episode of her Unfiltered podcast, Brandi, 45, proclaimed that she will NEVER EVER be friends with Lisa ever ever again… a week after Lisa pretty much said the same. Somewhere I’m sure Lisa is relaxing in her pink bathrobe in her glitzy Beverly Hills mansion, drowning her sorrows in a fabulous martini over the fact that Brandi doesn’t want to be her BFF!

When asked about the prospect of being friends with Lisa again, Brandi stated: “The only way that woman and I will ever be friends again is if she cuts me a check for half a million dollars. She’s a snake in the grass. She’s a liar. Being able to lie under oath and cost me that money knowing she’s lying.”

What Miss Accountability is referring to is the lawsuit brought against her by Joanna Krupa over some vile comments she made about Joanna’s body parts. Brandi had claimed that Lisa’s friend Mohamed Hadid told her those comments about Joanna in front of Lisa — something both Mohamed and Lisa ended up denying under oath when deposed during the lawsuit.

After years of back and forth, Joanna and Brandi finally settled that lawsuit a few months ago with Brandi having to apologize. Brandi has however stated over the years that the lawsuit had cost her a ton of money in legal fees.

Therefore she continued blaming Lisa for her own misdeeds, “Like it’s not good enough that I’m not on the show anymore, that you want to ruin my livelihood. All of my savings are gone because of this one lie. And [Lisa] knows. It’s just exhausting to me. We will never be friends unless she breaks out her checkbook and honestly her time will come. Karma’s a b***h and I happen to know it’s coming soon.”

Brandi, who has very little credibility these days, seems to be implying there is some trouble on the way for Lisa but once again, the source of this is Brandi.

Finally she added that Lisa’s “just a liar and I refuse to kiss her a** like everyone else does. That’s why she takes everyone else back and I’m not that person.”

One can only imagine how distraught Lisa must be over this. Brandi’s latest comments comes just days after she admitted she was no longer friends with Yolanda Hadid, claiming that their friendship had always been one-sided.

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