VIDEO – 90 Day Fiance’s Anfisa and Jorge Nava Speak Out On Arrest & Drug Charges! Reveal Status Of Their Relationship

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90 day fiance jorge and anfisa video

Controversial 90 Day Fiance couple Anfisa Nava and Jorga Nava are speaking out days after we reported Jorge got arrested in Arizona with 283 pounds of marijuana in his trunk.

In a new Youtube video posted by Anfisa just minutes ago, the couple addresses the drug charges, if this will affect Anfisa’s green card, plus they finally reveal the true status of their relationship.

First Anfisa explains why they decided to make this video.

“Hey guys, I’m sure a lot of you already heard the news about Jorge’s arrest. And I’ve seen so many different versions of what happened online. And not all of them are correct,” said Anfisa. “I had various media outlets reach out to me trying to get my comments on the matter. But I decided it’s better if I just make my own video and tell you everything. And you know, who can tell you about the situation better than Jorge.”

Jorge then speaks, also acknowledging he did indeed get arrested earlier this month.

“The only thing I can confirm is that I was arrested on February 7, and I was bailed out by my wife two day later. So I had to spend two days in jail,” shared Jorge. “Other than that, due to the delicate nature of my case,  I can’t really talk to the media. I can’t interview with anybody. I can’t talk about the details until all of this is over.”

“So anything you can see online is just assumptions that are not real facts,” added Anfisa. “Because the only people who have facts is me and Jorge. So if you have questions, unfortunately we can’t answer all of them. But you’ll find your answers only coming from me and Jorge.”

The topic turned to Anfisa’s green card as apparently some fans had been wondering how Jorge’s legal issues would affect her.

“Anfisa’s green card will not be affected by what happened… so she’s not going anywhere as long as she’s on my watch,” said Jorge. “Yes, sorry haters!” chimed in Anfisa.

The couple then shared a kiss and the topic turned to the status of their relationship. Most TLC viewers know they separated last year but many suspected they had gotten back together as Anfisa has been posting photos of Jorge on her Instagram Stories. So are they or aren’t they?

“I just decided it’s better to share with you that we’re still together,” revealed Anfisa. “Obviously as of 2018… We’ve never really broken up. Yes we had our fights like any other couple but we’re working through it.”

They closed out their first video with Jorge stating they would be making more in the future.

“We’re going to be bringing you a lot more content on this Youtube channel so I hope you guys enjoy… Subscribe to our channel. Don’t miss our next video. See you guys soon,” said Jorge to end the video.

The couple then shared another kiss.

jorge and anfisa kiss relationship status

Jorge and Anfisa share a kiss in their first joint Youtube video

As we reported, Jorge is facing some pretty serious charges and is currently looking at 12.5 years in prison if convicted. His charges include possession of marijuana for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and the intent to transport and/or sell marijuana