REPORT: 90 Day Fiance’s Nicole Moving To Morocco With Daughter May! Plus Is This Proof of Azan’s Cheating?

by Sola Delano Comments

Major updates to report concerning 90 Day Fiance stars Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou.

It was reported last week that Nicole was moving to Morocco to marry Azan months after his K-1 visa got denied. So what’s the latest today? Well a new report is stating Nicole is planning to take her daughter May along with her in her move to Morocco. Additionally, some new voicemails of Azan, allegedly sent to another woman while he was with Nicole, have leaked.

90 Day Fiance Youtuber Keith Brooks released a new video update over the weekend in which he reveals Nicole is still moving ahead with her plans to move to Morocco and bringing May along.

“Nicole is leaving next week to go to Morocco,” says Keith. “She originally planned to go in January but it was held back. And to answer one question, she is taking May with her.”

The plan is for Nicole to Marry Azan and obtain a CR visa, which is usually granted to a foreign citizen who is already married to a United States citizen. If everything works out according to their plan, Azan will be granted entry into the United States as a “conditional resident.”

“In order to obtain residency, she needs to be married or have a job, be a student, or share-holder of a company,” adds Keith, stating Nicole would need to get residency if she’s planning to stay in Morocco for longer than 90 days.

Additional proof that Nicole is moving is a photo of her last day at work (she works at Starbucks) posted online by one of her co-workers. That post is below.

As for those rumors that Azan has been cheating on Nicole, they are still ongoing with Keith promising an interview with one of Azan’s other women is coming soon within the next two weeks.

In fact, in his Youtube video above, starting at around the 6:00 minute mark, you can hear Azan whispering sweet nothings to another woman in leaked voicemails. According to Keith, these recordings are allegedly from January 2017 when Nicole was visiting Azan in Morocco with May. Nicole was reportedly in her hotel room while Azan was elsewhere making calls to this other woman.

So there you have it, Nicole is moving to be with Azan at all costs and taking poor May with her!