RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Slams Vicki Gunvalson! Calls Her a “Pig” For Setting Up Her Ex With His New Girlfriend

by Sola Delano Comments

rhoc kelly dodd and vicki gunvalson feud

It was reported this week that Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson had played matchmaker for Kelly Dodd’s estranged husband Michael Dodd by introducing him to another woman who is now his new girlfriend.

The problem you ask? Vicki and Kelly are supposed to be BFFs, and even more shocking, Vicki failed to mention this to Kelly who likely found out about it by reading the news.

So how is Kelly taking all of this? Not well! Just hours ago, she took to her social media to slam Vicki by calling her a “pig” and “disloyal.” She also took some shots at Vicki’s boyfriend Steve Lodge.

In a new deleted tweet (a screenshot is below), Kelly responded to the Page Six report by writing, “Steve Lodge is a douche bag along with his pig of a GF!! And I am 42 years old and not 44 years old!”

kelly dodd slams vicki tweet

The article had mistakenly listed her age as 44. Kelly appears to be upset with Steve for talking to the press. Moments after the report came out about Vicki setting up Michael, Page Six did an interview with Steve during which he completely denied Vicki had any role in Michael’s love life, and claimed he was the one who hooked Michael up with his new woman.

“He was hurting pretty good and going through all the emotions that people getting divorced usually go through,” said Steve about “very good friend” Michael.  “After a little bit of time went by … I thought this may be a good fit. So I invited [him and his new girlfriend] over and we went out to dinner and they hit it off.”

Steve then makes it clear it was him, not Vicki, but ONLY him who set up Michael with his new girlfriend.

“It was me that set them up. I think they make a nice couple,” explained Steve. “I asked Vicki not to say anything to Kelly because I didn’t think it was our business to tell her. Whether she takes offense to it or not, that’s just the way it is. I didn’t want there to be an issue. When they want to tell Kelly, it’s up to them.”

kelly tweet steve

Kelly’s rant came moments after Steve’s interview was published. It didn’t end with that tweet, as she later referred to Vicki as a “disloyal b*tch” in another deleted post. Wowzers.

She also made her feelings known on Instagram when she agreed with one of her fans who called Vicki “super bad news.” Kelly responded: “I know right.”

kelly instagram post

As for Vicki, she has yet to respond to Kelly’s comments. The next season of the RHOC started filming two weeks ago so it’s extremely likely this will play out on the show.

As stated in our report yesterday, there had been a somewhat noticeable rift between Kelly and Vicki following her split from Michael in September. The two went from hanging out all the time to barely hanging out at all. It now appears Steve’s friendship with Michael might have played a role in that rift.

Photo Credit:  Charles Sykes/Bravo