RHOA’s Kim Zolciak Sets the Record Straight On Whether She Had Cancer and Claps Back At Nene!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is getting tired of castmate NeNe Leakes’ constant attacks and rumor spreading, and she is now setting the record straight.

The ladies have always had an on again/off again friendship, and they were just starting to reconnect when Kim opted not to join the rest of the cast for their trip to Barcelona for family and health reasons.

During the trip, NeNe seemed to mock Kim’s many health issues, rolling her eyes as she listed a litany of ailments, some of which Kim never had. It took less than half a day for the news of what NeNe said to get back to Kim…all thanks to Sheree Whitfield.

In her latest Bravo blog, Kim sets the record straight on accusations that she once lied about having cancer, plus claps back at NeNe and explains why she sent the “roach” video to her castmates.

”NeNe and I were cool with each other, so I was surprised she was mocking me, and making fun of my health issues. I found it repulsive!” said Kim. “For the record, I never said I had cancer, EVER! Second, I don’t know what “thyroids” is. Third, YES, I had a blood clot, YES, I had a stroke, and YES, I had heart surgery! What’s funny about that? NeNe lost her sense of humor years ago, that’s evident!”

After getting wind of what NeNe had been saying, Kim sent a video to the rest of the ladies taken by her daughter, Brielle Biermann from NeNe’s bathroom, that showed several “roaches” crawling around. NeNe went ballistic! And Kim, well, she’s not sorry at all.

”I have had it with NeNe! She said tried to ruin my credibility for years, enough is enough! She can dish it but she can’t take it. PERIOD! I sent the video to the Housewives only, and I never released it to any media or press! NeNe should really be worried about the bugs in her home instead of worrying about me! She has never been a loyal person, and talks behind everyone’s back, and that’s evident with her track record!” stated Kim.

Well, Kim’s not wrong about that! And considering these trips are usually no more than shade throwing and backstabbing in a different time zone, she’s glad she stayed home!


“I did what worked for me and my family. I was unsure where my friendships stood, having been away from this circle for a couple of years, and being stuck with people that aren’t welcoming me as a friend was not something  was going to do,” she explained. “My husband would gladly stay home, and if I had wanted to go, I would have gone. For me it was a very long flight, and these trips bring on nothing but stress, and those two things, alone, don’t mix well with me and my health. I see even though I wasn’t there, I was still a topic of conversation.”

True dat, Kim! If they’re talking about you, you’re probably doing something right. But after tonight’s episode, I’m pretty sure it won’t be Kim everybody’s talking about.

This trip is just getting started, and the best part is yet to come. The previews show a fight between Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton that Barcelona won’t soon forget! Stay tuned!

The new episode of RHOA airs tonight on Bravo at 8/7c.

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