Married to Medicine Recap: Reunions A’int Easy

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MARRIED TO MEDICINE reunion part 1 recap

The fifth season of Married to Medicine was chock full of drama, but if the first part of the reunion is any indication, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

First of all, in the least dramatic way possibly, Dr. Simone announced that she and her husband, Cecil, have separated, and that their divorce will  be final in a matter of weeks!

She was very matter of fact about it, and simply said that they’d both “dropped the ball” and put everything and everyone ahead of their marriage.

The news seemed to come as a shock to the other ladies, particularly Dr. Heavenly, who immediately began crying and imploring Simone to keep trying.

Poor Heavenly. I really do think she means well, and she seems to genuinely love her friends, but well, her delivery sucks!  She can come off as harsh and pushy, maybe a little invasive. And Heavenly knows these things about herself, and in an effort to become a better person,  she embarked on a “spiritual journey” this season.

The other ladies were asked whether or not they could see any changes in Heavenly.  Dr. Jackie and Simone both felt like she had changed in some ways, but still had some work to do. But Toya said she’s the same, old Heavenly, and that she could be “just plain mean” at times.

Toya pointed to comments that Heavenly made about her weight, that seemed so mean-spirited, Toya was left to wonder if Heavenly was truly her friend at all. Toya explained that her history of eating disorders, and life long struggles with poor body image made the comments all the more hurtful.

Heavenly assured Toya that she had only been “joking”, and defended herself by saying that she hadn’t  said anything about Toya that she hadn’t said about herself.  Well, I think we all know that’s not how it works, and Toya certainly didn’t find it funny, but luckily for Heavenly, she’s pretty forgiving.

Dr. Contessa also felt the brunt of Heavenly’s abrasive nature throughout the season, and recalled Heavenly’s petty way of purposely mispronouncing her name, which Heavenly also dismissed as a “joke”.

Mariah knows all too well how hurtful Heavenly and her jokes can be, and was quick to chime in. She’s still angry about Heavenly’s “your momma” comments, which she called “ignorant”.

Again, Heavenly defended herself, saying that Mariah’s mother is far from innocent, and has said plenty of nasty things about the women, including that Heavenly was “pimping out” her daughter, and that she wanted  to “bust a cap” in Heavenly’s ass.

Now, technically, it was Mariah that actually said these things, during a 45 minute rant on Facebook Live, but she attributed the sentiments to her mother. She also had some choice words about Quad, and her marital issues, implying that she was selfish.

As Heavenly and Quad confronted Mariah, the arguing went off the rails to the point that Quad came out of her seat, and started walking toward Mariah, and they were all just yelling over each other, so host, Andy Cohen called for a break.

Each of the ladies went into their own dressing rooms to cool off…except for Heavenly. She walked down the hall toward Mariah’s room, and could hear her venting loudly to her husband, Dr. Aydin and producers, about their argument. So, of course, she proceeded to do the most childish thing possible.

She drew horns, and a goatee and mustache all over the huge poster Mariah had hung of herself on her dressing room door. I know…too many things are wrong with that sentence.  It’s actually impossible to decide who comes off as more obnoxious in this scenario-Mariah for actually hanging a life sized, old school Glamour Shots-style poster of herself  in the first place; or Heavenly for defacing it. I’m torn.

When the  other ladies discovered what Heavenly had done, they scolded her, but clearly thought it was kind of funny. Because, you know, it was a life sized, old school Glamour Shots-style poster.

Mariah was considerably less amused, and I can get that. I mean it was HER life sized, old school Glamour Shots-style poster, and no one had any right to touch it, much less destroy it.

The two women argued in the hallway, with Heavenly saying that Mariah never should have been talking about her on Facebook, and Mariah calling Heavenly ignorant and crazy. Mariah was so angry, she refused to return to the set to continue filming.

When the rest of the ladies took their places back on the couches, Andy asked Heavenly what had possibly possessed her to do such a thing, and she simply responded once again that it was just a “joke”.

The ladies pounced on this immediately, pointing out that this was exactly the type of behavior they’d been talking about with Heavenly before, and that she really wasn’t in a place in her relationship with Mariah to be playing around with her anyway.

This is true. These two haven’t truly been friends in years, and have been circling each other all season, constantly on the brink of a blowup, so surely Heavenly knew her little “joke” wouldn’t be well received. But either way, in true Heavenly fashion, she wasn’t the least bit sorry.

The first part of the reunion then ends with Simone dropping her divorce bombshell on her castmates.

Well, viewers, stay tuned! This was just the first installment…there are still two more reunion episodes to go, and sources close to the show say the bombs are going to keep dropping!

Next week, the husbands will speak out about their experiences throughout the season, and Quad will reveal a secret about Dr. Greg that could change the course of their lives forever!

Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo