Married to Medicine Recap: Circle of (Brutal) Truth

    married to medicine recap circle of truth mariah jackie

    This season of “Married to Medicine” has been an emotional whirlwind. We’ve seen these ladies go through a lot, and last night, they laid it all on the table.

    The group was still in Barbados on their annual couples trip. They take the trip to strengthen the bonds of their marriages and friendships, and they mean well. I think.

    Heavenly, bless her heart, was the hostess for this trip, which meant that she got to plan all of the activities. For reasons that aren’t completely clear, Heavenly fancies herself a “relationship expert” these days, so she took her role very seriously. Read more

    Married to Medicine Star Mariah Huq Reveals Husband Aydin Huq Once Cheated

    Married to Medicine mariah huq talks aydin huq cheating

    This season of Married to Medicine has been one of the most explosive to date, filled with personal revelations about the cast, and their marriages. And based on this clip for tonight’s episode, we’ve only just begun!

    As viewers are aware, Dr. Jackie Walters faced a crisis point in her marriage, when it was revealed that her husband, Curtis Berry, had been having an affair. Tonight Mariah Huq will let her know she’s not alone in enduring the sting of a husband’s betrayal. Read more

    Married to Medicine Recap: Island Problems

    Married to Medicine Recap Island Fever

    The couples of Married to Medicine continued their vacation in Barbados in last night’s episode. What an absolutely beautiful island!  Nothing but white sand, and crystal clear blue water, for as far as the eye can see.

    But there’s a storm brewing beneath the surface, and in the grand meteorological tradition of naming storms after women, this one is named Quad.

    If you’ve been watching all season, you know that Quad has been out of sorts. She and Dr. Greg just haven’t been getting along, and the stress is beginning to take its toll. Read more

    Married To Medicine Recap: Love Heavenly Style

    If there was one take away from last night’s episode of Married to Medicine, it’s that Dr. Jackie’s husband, Curtis has lost his ever loving mind!

    Here’s the thing about Curtis…you can tell that in his day, he was “the man”. He’s quite tall, has the gait and swagger of the ex athlete that he is, and the awe shucks grin of a man who’s used to his share of female attention. As you’re undoubtedly aware, Curtis was caught having an affair, after pictures of him with another woman surfaced in the tabloids and gossip blogs. Dr. Jackie promptly told him to leave their home, and the couple have been living apart ever since. Read more

    Married to Medicine’s Dr. Simone and Cecil Are Getting a Divorce, Simone Reveals What Led to Split

    married to medicine dr simone cecil whitmore divorce

    In today’s sad news, Married to Medicine star Dr. Simone Whitmore and husband Cecil Whitmore are getting a divorce after 21 years of marriage.

    Dr. Simone broke the news today stating that she no longer felt loved in her marriage.  Read more

    Married To Medicine Recap – With Invitations Like These…Stay Home

    married to medicine recap season 5 invitations and revelations

    On paper, the ladies of Married to Medicine have it all together…impressive careers, beautiful families, supportive friends. A truly fabulous life. But a closer look into the lives of Atlanta’s Fiercest Physicians reveals that no one can it have it all together all the time.

    This is certainly true for Dr. Jackie. She’s probably the steadiest and sturdiest of all the ladies, but this season we’ve seen her rocked by her husband’s affair. It was a betrayal, sure.  But for Jackie it was much more than that. Seeing her husband’s tawdry dalliances splashed across tabloids, and gossiped about in the blogs, was a devastating humiliation. She also worries that she’ll be seen as weak,  if she decides to stay.

    For these reasons, Jackie has limited her contact with Curtis to brief visits in their home. But in last night’s episode, it appeared that she made a breakthrough of sorts. She finally agreed to a “date” with her estranged husband in public. Read more