Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Kenya’s Husband Is REAL!

by Tiffany Brown Comments

rhoa recap kenya and marc

A mini miracle occurred on last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. No, water wasn’t turned to wine and there was no virgin birth. But it was pretty big.

It all went down at Kenya’s viewing party for the domestic violence PSA that she produced, and starred in, alongside the other ladies, earlier in the season.

The women came together once more for the common good, and it was really a beautiful evening, kicked off with queen for a day-style makeovers for ten domestic violence survivors in various stages of escaping their abusers.

It was clear that the pampering did the women good, and Kenya spoke with them about the abuse in her own past, and how, like them, she had been trapped in a vicious cycle of dating abusive men until she finally met her husband, and savior, Marc Daly.

And just where was Mr. Daly? It’s been the question on everyone’s mind since Kenya announced the two had eloped. And, as Sheree was quick to point out, this was Kenya’s big night, so surely he would finally make an appearance, right?

Of course, Kenya knows Sheree well enough to know that she wasn’t asking out of friendly concern. She wanted to embarrass Kenya, and make sure everyone was aware that Marc was absent…again.

But Kenya really had no choice but to give her pat response..he was “too busy working” to make the trip from New York, where he lives, and owns a restaurant.

She also said that Marc can’t possibly travel without her making the arrangements, and packing his clothes. Funny, because our understanding was that Kenya’s husband was an adult.

This was just too ridiculous, and someone  had to say it, so Porsha piped up to point out that, surely, Kenya’s middle aged husband was making his own flight reservations, and packing his own underwear, for years before Kenya came along.

Kenya agreed, but said that now that he was a married man, he liked his wife to take care of these things for him. The ladies weren’t buying it, but it was time to view the PSA, so the matter was dropped.

And then it happened. Just after Kenya took the stage, and began thanking her friends and colleagues, the clouds parted, angels began to sing, and HE walked right through the door!

That’s right viewers…we finally got a glimpse of Kenya’s mysterious groom. And to be perfectly honest, I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice looking guy, but to wait all season to see him, only to discover he’s a mere mortal, who puts his pants on one leg at a time?! Come on!

The other ladies were surprised to see him show up, and were anxious to meet him, but they just wouldn’t be them if their excitement didn’t come with plenty of catty comments.

NeNe was asked during her confessional if the couple seemed like they were really in love, and she responded by saying that “it looked like Kenya was really in love”. Sheesh!

But Sheree was the worst. When Kenya introduced her to Marc, she said “ really do exist”..right to his face! She went on to ask him several questions about his nose ring, only to quip behind his back that she hadn’t seen a man with a nose ring “since Tupac”.

Sheree has a lot of nerve! This woman is all but engaged to an inmate, and she’s going to throw shade at Kenya’s man?! I mean technically, we haven’t seen her boyfriend, either, and probably won’t any time soon, unless he escapes from PRISON!

And yet, when we were treated to another fervent and giggling  phone call between Sheree and Tyrone, they were making plans for the future.  She’s making her basement  into a “man cave” and “envisioning a destination wedding”, and he can’t wait to “commit to her forever” and “blend families”.

Viewers, I’m not totally sure, but I think we may have witnessed a proposal of  marriage..over the phone…from prison…collect! I just can’t.

And that whole “blended families” thing may prove a little difficult. Sheree’s children are vaguely aware that she’s been seeing someone, but are NOT aware of the circimstances. Or so Sheree thinks. Sometimes she forgets her life is on television, and splashed across tabloids, and that her children are adults capable of a google search.

Sheree’s youngest daughter, Callie, was home from college on last night’s episode, and it was clear, as she asked her mother question after question, never looking up from her phone, that she knew exactly who her mother was involved with.

Sheree was finally forced to admit to her daughter that Tyrone was the man she was in a relationship with, and that he was in prison. Unperturbed, her daughter asked why she would “go for the jailbait” , when there are “so many fish in the sea”. Thank you, Sheree’s daughter! We’ve been dying to know that very thing all season!

Seriously, Sheree’s beautiful, has great kids (I’m particularly fond of that Callie..she’s a firecracker), a fabulous home, and a lucrative career. Why on earth is she wasting her best years talking on the phone to a convict?

But Sheree told her daughter that Tyrone was special, and that she was happy, and that all of that would be apparent when he was paroled. Good Grief!

Callie agreed to keep an open mind, but said she “had to stop at the  word jail”. But  Sheree didn’t appear too worried, and said she knew her kids just wanted her to be happy. Good luck with all that, Sheree.

Now some sad news: next week is already the season 10 finale! And, of course, there’s going to be a party. Will these women never learn?!

This time it’s a costume party for Halloween. And to give you an idea of how it’s going to go down, previews show NeNe dressed as an exterminator, and Greg as a roach…get it?

According to NeNe, this will show Kim that “the joke’s on her”. But um…NeNe’s the one dressed in baggy coveralls, with a bug as her date. It’s going to be hilarious! Stay tuned!