Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Marie Talks Rob Valletta Break Up: Reveals They’re No Longer Friends, Implies He’s Selfish, Plus Her ‘Disappointment’ In Him

by Sola Delano Comments

vanderpump rules rob valletta and scheana marie interview

For the first time since her split, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is truly opening up about her “heartbreak” when it comes to her ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta.

In the past, Scheana had given generic answers when it came to Rob but in a new podcast interview, she goes in-depth into what caused the split and why they are no longer friends. She also reveals what he did that she found “disappointing” and shockingly implies he was selfish when she says he was ‘all about himself all the time.’

There’s something about Podcast interviews that allows celebrities/reality stars to be quite open. Perhaps it’s the feeling that the interview is not live or thinking that not many people are likely hear it, but it seems to be a trend where people tend to be more revealing during a podcast interview.

Scheana is no exception to this as during her interview on the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast (yes, that Heidi and Spencer have their own podcast), she was very honest about a different number of topics. In fact, she gave so much material that we’ve decided to split up her interview into two parts, with part 1 being published today, and part 2 to be posted tomorrow.

First, Scheana talked about her divorce to ex-husband Mike Shay as she was asked if his addiction issues to prescription pills played a role in their split.

“That was a big part of it,” said Scheana. “There was a whole emotional affair thing also tied into it. It was a lot.”

The topic then turned to Rob with Scheana confirming they are definitely still broken up.

“No, I’m very single. Have been since August,” said Scheana. “We were together until it didn’t work because with the show, he just didn’t want to be a part of that world. He felt like he could handle it and he couldn’t. There was a rumor made up about him and this whole thing.”

Scheana goes on to reveal for the first time that she found Rob’s decision to end their relationship “disappointing” because she felt he gave up too quickly.

“Everything that transpired after [the accusation that Rob kissed another girl] that ultimately led to us breaking up was just really frustrating because after everything my ex-husband and I went through on the show, we didn’t divorce because of the show. It was because of so many other things happening and for Rob to just kind of throw in the towel so soon because there was a rumor that he kissed someone, it was quite disappointing,” she shared.

When asked if she and Rob are still friends, she says not anymore as it was simply too difficult for her. She also implies he was selfish as he wanted to continue a friends with benefits type of relationship.

“We tried to stay friends for several months after we broke up. It was like a friends with benefits but then it was [just] friends,” revealed Scheana. “What I ended up ultimately finding out was that it was all about him all the time and what he wanted, and what made his life easier. And what was good for him. He wanted to stay friends and for me, that didn’t work.”


So in hindsight, does Scheana have any regrets about her ‘robsession’ on the show?

“The thing with me is when I love, I love hard. And when I’m with someone, I do put them on this pedestal, not to put pressure on them, but because I think the world of them,” she shared. “So I’m not going to regret feeling that way about him because I literally did think the world of him and ultimately he broke my heart. And at 32-yrs-old, this is the first heartbreak I’ve experienced. This was harder than the divorce was honestly.”  #PoorMikeShay (It’s almost like he never even existed to Scheana!)

She however insisted that Rob is “amazing” and she’s not completely shutting the door to a possible reconciliation in the future.

“With Rob, I’m never going to say never because you don’t know what the future holds,” explained Scheana. “For me, I just need to focus on myself right now and that’s something I haven’t done in eight years.”

She also feels that they might be able to rekindle their friendship… down the line.

“As far as things stand right now, I just can’t stay friends with someone who I was so deeply and pathetically in love with… Maybe eventually, down the road,” said Scheana before going on to wish her ex well. “I hope he’s happy and successful with his businesses.”

Safe to say Scheana is slowly coming out of her Rob induced coma. Good for her.

Photo Credit: Vince Flores/startraksphoto