Mike Shay Throws Some Shade At Ex-Wife Scheana Marie! Plus Scheana Admits Rob Relationship Made Her ”Look Really Stupid”

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mike shay disses scheana marie rob valletta

It’s no secret that Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie has spent the entire season of the show throwing her ex-husband Mike Shay under the bus!

Scheana has made many not so nice comments about her ex and their marriage including saying the entire marriage was a mistake and that Rob Valletta was always the one, plus even a recent revelation that she was thinking about Rob on her wedding day to Mike.

So how does Mike feel about all of this? Well, not that great as one would expect. In fact, he is now responding to his ex-wife by throwing some shade of his own.

While Mike has remained mum about the divorce since his appearance on the Vanderpump Rules reunion last year, he has taken to his Twitter in recent days to send out some retweets about his ex-wife.

Earlier this week, he re-tweeted this comment by a fan – “Scheana sure talks a lot of s–t about @MikeShayMusic and their relationship yet won’t change her name back to her maiden because she “likes how it sounds”??? I feel for the man. He’s the real MVP.”

He also retweeted another comment that called Scheana delusional, self centered and accused her of bad mouthing Shay on the show.

Below are screenshots of some of his retweets –

Mike Shay tweets scehana

Moving on to some more Scheana news as she is finally admitting to coming off a bit cray cray silly on the show when it comes to her relationship with now ex-boyfriend Rob.

Scheana has been accused by many fans of the show of being totally delusional when it comes to Rob. The reason? She is shown talking about marrying Rob and having kids with him, and how madly in love they are, while Rob is shown being rather timid about the relationship and telling her castmates he doesn’t love her yet.

During her Scheananigans podcast debut this week, Scheana admitted to her guest and castmate Ariana Madox that it’s been hard to watch her relationship with Rob play out on TV, as the two have since broken up last October.

But she first took a shot at her ex-husband Mike and their short-lived marriage.

“Last season, watching my divorce wasn’t as hard for me because I was in a very happy relationship, and I was madly in love with Rob,” revealed Scheana.

She then acknowledged it’s been the opposite this season, you know, because of the break-up with the AMAZING Rob!

“We don’t speak as often,” said Scheana about Rob. “Watching back my old life from last year, in my old apartment, with my old boyfriend hasn’t been easy.”

“I know I look really stupid.  And you know what? I was coming off a divorce,” she admitted. “I got back with someone who I felt was my soulmate and was the one. Everything felt right. You can’t fault me for being happy and being in love.”

In true Scheana fashion, she once again states Rob did love her but simply couldn’t express his true feelings because he was “out of his comfort zone” on Vanderpump Rules.

“He did tell me he loved me,” she stated. “We were planning a future together, but then, just this world that he became a part of was too overwhelming for him to continue.”

Whatever you say Scheana!

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