Scheana Marie Claps Back At Jax Taylor For Saying Rob Valletta Doesn’t Love Her! Plus Was She Thinking About Rob On Her Wedding Day?

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Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is clapping back at her castmate Jax Taylor for saying her now ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta doesn’t love her! You know, even though Rob said just that on the show…but never mind! It’s Scheana’s world and we’re just living in it.

On the Vanderpump Rules after show (video is below), Scheana was not happy about Jax’s comments and accuses him of twisting what Rob said.

“He hears what he wants to hear,” said Scheana about Jax.  “And then twists it and takes his own spin on it.”  Err but we all heard him say it on TV but allrighty!

The topic turned to her wedding day with ex-husband Mike Shay and whether or not Rob was on her mind that day. The reason for the question is because Scheana has repeatedly stated she dated Rob for 11 years, seemingly forgetting the years she spent, you know, dating and being married to someone else.

“Rob was just always like the one that got away. Like that one person that I always wondered what if,” said Scheana. “And one of my bridesmaids on the day I got married had said something that he popped in my head. And I was just like girl, why would you? And it got in my head for like a second, and I was like that never worked out. We tried for 4 years.”

And how did she meet Rob?

“When we met, he was a door guy at a lounge that I used to go to regularly,” she said. “We had our first date at Disney land. He didn’t kiss me all day, which now we all know that Rob’s not a kisser! Didn’t know that in like 05/06. Come to find out that he had this whole grand gesture at the end of the night. It was Christmas time. The snow falls. The fireworks go off. We had our first kiss. Literally magical.”

So why did they end up breaking up if things were so perfect back then? Scheana blames it on simply being too young. “But at that point I was like nope, nope. I’m 21. I just graduated college. I’m single. I don’t want a relationship,” she explained.

Scheana went to college?! She also opened up about how they reconnected… while she was still married.

“Last summer, we had ran into each other at a music festival, and it was like oh good to see you. Whatever, but I was still married at the time,” Scheana explained.”

“But I will say that she was excited about seeing him,” chimed in Brittany Cartwright, who was on the after-show with Scheana, and was also hanging out with Scheana at the music festival.

Scheana continued, “But I was married so I dismissed it. But I was like oh my gosh. I ran into like THE guy. Aerosmith is playing. There’s thousands of people there. We happen to be standing in the same place at the same time right when like ‘Don’t Want to Miss a Thing‘, or one of those sappy songs came on.”


Scheana was in luck as she would end up divorcing Mike shortly after.

“Then a month and a half later, I got divorced,” Scheana shared. “And I reached out to him like a month after that. Like ‘hey, how’s it going?’ Eleven years later, that chemistry and that magic feeling was still there. We couldn’t not date.”

Interesting timing there. While Scheana is adamant there was nothing going on with Rob during her marriage, one does have to wonder if running into him at this concert played a role in her decision to divorce Mike shortly afterwards. I recall thinking back then that her split from Mike was very sudden and seemingly came out of the blue.

And while Scheana has been branded as being delusional about Rob’s feelings for her by almost everyone in the world some fans of the show, Rob did defend her earlier this week when he implied he also had strong feelings for her but he simply didn’t show it on the show. Although Rob did end up breaking up with Scheana back in October, later blaming the show and her castmates for their split.

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