Scheana Marie Reveals If Vanderpump Rules Cast Really Works At Sur! Talks Cause of Feud With Lala Kent & Calls Her “Fake” For Kissing Up To Stassi & Katie, Plus Hints at Possible Spinoff

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vanderpump rules scheana marie disses lala kent

Bringing you the second part of Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie’s interview with the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast.

In part one, Scheana opened up about her split from ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta, stating they are no longer friends and implying he was a bit selfish during their relationship.

In part two, Scheana shares a lot of deets about the show as she reveals if the cast really works at SUR, you know, now that they are famous reality TV stars, and she discusses her strained friendship with Lala Kent, who she accuses of kissing up to the Witches of Weho so they don’t bully her. Additionally, she talks freezing her eggs, hints at wanting her own spin-off, and showed signs that she might not be fully over Rob just yet!

First, Scheana is asked a question many Vanderpump Rules fans wonder about, which is does the cast really work at SUR these days? Surprisingly, she reveals they still work there albeit most just work about one day a week.

“I’m doing a show [in Las Vegas] six nights a week at the Paris Hotel. When I’m [in LA] on Wednesdays, I’m doing my podcast and then I go to SUR Wednesday nights just to keep them happy and what not,” she explained. It’s been rumored that producers of the show require some of the cast to keep working there as to keep the series authentic.

She added that Vanderpump Rules “is very raw and real. It’s not scripted. Which is a difference between The Hills and our show.”

The topic turned to Lala, who has been quite bashful of Scheana lately in interviews – even dissing her singing, as it appears their friendship is quite fractured these days.

Scheana first credits herself with saving Lala’s job on the show as there was apparently some negotiations drama behind the scenes between Lala and the producers right before filming was slated to start on the current season.

“Yes [Lala’s] still there thanks to me,” said Scheana. “Going into this season, they weren’t giving her what she wanted. And I was literally begging production that we need her. Her and I were such good friends. We were so close at the time, and going into a new season, you need the people you’re close with and she was already on the show.”

As for what caused their feud, it appears Lala felt Scheana only wanted her back on the show so she could help her attack some of their castmates, and not for genuine reasons. Keep in mind that Scheana’s interview was taped after the cast filmed their recent reunion, so it appears she is referencing some things that were said during the reunion in her next quote.

“It was something where I genuinely wanted my friend to be a part of the show again. So her feeling like I was using her to be my mouthpiece because I was too chickensh*t to say the things that I wanted to say on my own was just really frustrating,” said Scheana. “I do have a big mouth. I stand up for myself. And I say what I want to say. I don’t need someone to do that for me. Her and I are like in a weird place right now.”

Scheana also feels strongly that Lala is purposely alienating her so she can be on good terms with Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute.

“I think Lala right now is currently under the spell of the Witches of Weho. Stassi, Kristen and Katie have bullied [her]. I think she’s a girl who [was] just like me a couple of seasons ago. When you’re bullied as a kid or even as an adult, and when the cool girls are accepting you, it’s like ‘they like me, they want to be my friend.’ And I fell under that spell a couple of seasons ago,” she said. “I woke and realized that Ariana has always been one of my best friends. She’s always had my back, she’s never done anything wrong to me. And the fact that I turned my back on her just literally confirmed I was like their puppet. I feel like Lala has kinda fallen under that spell as well.”

She added, “It’s just fake. I think she just finally was like ‘Oh my gosh, these girls that have been so mean to me for a couple of years now wanna be my friend. They think I’m cool.'” (Actually have to agree with Scheana here. I do think Lala might want to be careful with the likes of Stassi and Katie who I’m not fully convinced genuinely like her…without her man’s private jet!)

When it comes to Scheana’s career, she reveals she is actually done with singing for good!

“I’ve done it. It was fun. But it’s not something that I was taking super seriously as a career. It was more of a hubby,” said Scheana. “I always wanted to perform on stage. It was something that I did for a couple of years. It’s not for me. I’m not great at it. I’m not a singer. I like to say I’m a performer but I don’t have the best voice. It’s not a secret. I’m the first one to say it.”

Incredible self-awareness there by Scheana! She then discusses what she currently has in the works apart from Pump Rules, including the surprising revelation that she actually has a college degree!

“I just started Scheananigans with Podcast One which is a dream come true. I went to college and studied broadcast, journalism, communications studies so this has always been a dream of mine,” she shared. “Also, when I’m not in LA, I actually live in Vegas full time. I’m doing a show on the Vegas Strip at the Paris Hotel – Sex Tips for Straight Women from A Gay Man. ”

She went on to hint that she would like to get her own spin-off show, similar to Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s recent Kentucky spin-off, about her life in Las Vegas which she feels is full of excitement.

“With my life in Vegas right now, there’s just so many interesting aspects to everything I’m doing out there, and the group of people I hang out with,” said Scheana when asked about the possibility of having her own show. “It’s like maybe let’s do Vanderpump Rules season 7, and then after that, can you guys follow me to Vegas? Because there are so many interesting things going on there right now that I feel like should be captured but they’re not filming right now. So maybe. Hopefully.”

Finally, Scheana reveals that at the age of 32, she is now planning to freeze her eggs. And despite her earlier comments about Rob, it’s clear to see she’s still not fully over him yet.

“I do [want to have kids someday]. I do. Definitely. I’m actually going to freeze my eggs this year. I’m single. I can afford to do it. It’s something I want in the future, but not right now.” shared Scheana. “But yes I want a little mini me one day. My life just isn’t going in the direction I thought it was. I know a family is something I want one day whether it’s with Rob or Joe from down the street.”

She also randomly pointed out that out of the 11 cast members on Vanderpump Rules, she is currently the only one who is single. She says the new season of the show is likely to start filming this summer. Can’t wait!

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