Lala Kent Reveals Biggest Regret On Vanderpump Rules, Talks Hook-Up With James & Says Raquel Might Be With Him For Fame! Plus She Disses Rob & Scheana’s Singing

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vanderpump rules lala kent james and raquel rob and scheana

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is not one to hold back when it comes to her opinions, and during a recent podcast interview with comedian Heather McDonald, Lala was brutally honest when it came to her castmates!

First, the 27-yr-old Bravo star was asked about James Kennedy, and things are still icey between the two as she made it clear she ‘didn’t care much for him’ due to the comments he made on the show about her boyfriend Randall Emmett’s appearance.

This then led to Lala sharing her biggest regret when it came to her past actions on Vanderpump Rules.

“I mean has [James] not learned anything from when he and I body-shamed Katie [Maloney] last year? Which was one of the most horrific things to watch. Now he’s doing it again,” said Lala, on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast, about James referring to her beau as “fat.”

She continued, “Besides pushing Kristen [Doute], yes [body-shaming Katie] is my biggest regret. Because that’s so not like me.”

The topic turned to James professing his love for her during the cast’s trip to Big Bear, and she reveals she found it weird especially considering Jame’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss was in the next room.

“That was weird right? We had been drinking all day, getting stone faced. So I don’t really remember it that way,” said Lala. “Watching it is like this guy is literally kind of coming on to me while his girlfriend is just chilling in the house. And for me, I think of James as a little brother.”

Lala is then reminded that she once slept with James, and she once again reveals she has no memory of their one time hook-up.  “So weird to think about that. I have no recollection of it,” she said. “That’s a bummer. At least if you have sex, you want to remember the one night stand.”

She is asked about the gay rumors surrounding James and his former BFF Logan Noh.

“There’s like nothing that I’ve seen that would lead me to think that he hooks up with dudes. Like he definitely likes his punan*,” said Lala. “I just think he’s metro and he has a lot of gay friends. It’s really sad that you can’t have gay friends without people being like well you must dabble in that pool.”

The topic turns back to Raquel as the host asks Lala why Raquel puts up with James’ actions which includes flirting with Lala right in front of her. Lala is asked if she thinks being on TV plays a factor is Raquel’s decision to stay with James. Lala seemed to agree.

“I want her to have more than just half of a brain. Why is she allowing him to sit on my chair with me? Why is he not sitting on the chair with her at dinner?” said Lala. “I definitely think [being on TV] helps. I just can’t imagine being with someone who every other day you hear that he’s banging someone else. For me, she’s either just a very strong woman who wants to be on TV, or she’s just dumb.”

Scheana Marie’s name is brought up as the two seem to have a bit of drama between them following a recent Pump Rules episode in which Lala threw some shade at Scheana’s singing.

“She was really hurt by my interview. She was extremely hurt,” said Lala. “On Watch What Happens Live, she said that I’m tone deaf and that my lyrics are what made her not sound good. I’m like I literally told you to say ‘you’ repeatedly. Like if you can’t even do that. Cause she’s like ‘you, you, you’ [mocking Scheana’s singing voice]. It’s like so bad.” Yikes.

When asked where her friendship with Scheana stands today, Lala doesn’t think it’s irreparable.  “I mean I would say we’re fine. I think I might be too tough for her as a friend. I think she needs people that baby her a little bit more,” responded Lala.

As for Scheana’s ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta, Lala makes it clear she is NOT a fan! As she doesn’t buy his claims that he hates being on the show.

“Rob sucks,” she stated. “He is such a weirdo. He’s like I don’t want to be on the show, but watch me do backflips on my wakeboard. Like let me have you to my house at Big Bear. For someone who doesn’t want to be on the show, you sure like popping off for us.”

She continued, “It’s so interesting to me because he’s like the show broke us up but then he’s at every red carpet event with [Scheana] supporting her, it’s like f–k off.”

Finally, she also pokes fun at Rob for having a clean-up list at his vacation home in Big Bear.

“Can I be a bougie a–hole right now? When we had to go through a list to clean, I was like what kind of vacation is this? Like they don’t have people to come do this?” pondered Lala.

Very good interview overall! A new episode of Vanderpump Rules airs Monday night on Bravo at 9/8c.

Photos Credit: Kathy Hutchins/, Instagram