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Vanderpump Rules’ Rob Valletta Talks Split From Scheana Marie! Reveals His True Feelings and If a Reconciliation Is Possible, Plus Was He Friends With Mike Shay?

vanderpump rules rob and scheana update

While most Vanderpump Rules viewers are watching Scheana Marierobsessing‘ over boyfriend Rob Valletta on the Bravo series, the couple has actually broken up in real time.

They split up back in October, and now Rob is speaking out about his relationship and why they called it quits. He also reveals how he truly felt about Scheana and answers if a future reconciliation is possible.

Rob, 36, held an impromptu Q&A session with his Instagram followers and, not surprisingly, most of the questions he received were Scheana related.

When it comes to the reason for the break up, he solely puts the blame on Vanderpump Rules, saying “the show put a strain on us.”

A fan asked him if he feels Scheana was obsessed with him, he responded “no” and blamed editing for her coming off that way.  Rob is then reminded about that infamous conversation he had with Scheana’s castmate Jax Taylor, during which he stated that while he cared about Scheana, he didn’t love her yet. He would simply say that he feels bad that Jax took his response that way.

Rob states he is still on good terms with Scheana but admits they don’t talk “as much” as they used to.

While he says he doesn’t regret filming Vanderpump Rules, he does admit there were a number of occasions where he felt uncomfortable on camera due to “multiple reasons.”

He is asked if he ever talked about marriage with Scheana like she has claimed numerous times on the show, and he admits they did talk about possibly tying the knot and that Scheana “never talked at” him.

When it comes to the possibility of a reconciliation with Scheana, Rob surprisingly leaves that door open stating, “Not while the show is going on.” Interesting response there by Rob as Vanderpump Rules won’t be ending anytime soon!

He is asked about some of the comments coming from Scheana’s castmates implying he was possibly only dating her for camera time. Rob vehemently denies this by stating, “are you kidding me?? NO.”

So does he feel sorry for Scheana when all is said and done? He states, “I don’t feel sorry for her. More for how she was portrayed.”

One of the most important questions that kept coming up was could Rob really hang up a TV in 7 minutes? According to Rob, that answer is yes! He displayed his sense of humor when he responded, “YES, of course.”

Finally, a fan asked Rob if he was ever friends with Scheana’s ex-husband Mike Shay. Rob denies this saying he only “met him a few times during charity events.”

Rob also shared that he will NOT appear on the recently filmed reunion, and that he was never paid for appearing on the show, nor does he watch it.

As for his future plans, the actor/host reveals he has a Lifetime movie coming up titled “Daddy Is Coming To Get You” plus he has a travel show that he hosts that is coming to CBS in the fall.

Below are some screenshots from Rob’s Instagram page.

rob post 1

You can click on the image to make it bigger.

rob post 2

Photo Credit:  INSTARimages



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