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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Reacts to James Kennedy Calling Brittany “Fat”! Plus Did Kristen and James Really Hook Up?

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor James Kennedy and Kristen Doute

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules was full of drama all thanks to Jax Taylor, who decided to play detective and accuse Kristen Doute and James Kennedy of hooking up during the cast’s trip to Mexico.

The issue is the two exes are both in serious relationships with other people so, not surprisingly, they didn’t take too well to the accusations that they cheated. In fact, James was so irate that he proceeded to insult Jax’s girlfriend Brittany Cartwright by calling her “fat.”

“Jax, a pathetic old f–king fat f–ker can’t do anything in his f–king life except cheat on his fat girlfriend,” said an angry James in his talking head.

So how is Jax reacting to all this? Not that great.

First, he took offense to someone telling him that he should apologize to James for spreading what might have been a false rumor about the Kristen hook up. Jax responded, “Say sorry after he called my girlfriend fat? are you kidding me…nope”.

jax tweet

Some, including Kristen during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night, have rightfully pointed out that Jax himself has poked fun at Brittany’s weight in the past.

Later, he tweeted on Tuesday that James did apologize to Brittany during the upcoming reunion.

He wrote, “@itsjameskennedy apologized to her at reunion.. we all do things when we drink and when we are cornered.”

jax tweet 2

And when it comes to the rumor of Kristen and James hooking up, you know, the rumor he started, Jax now believes Kristen’s denial that it never happened.

He tweeted, “Kristen said she didn’t and I believe her plain and simple but I only talked to James first. So…”

Kristen is also speaking out on the rumors, making it clear she didn’t cheat… this time. She vehemently denied the hook up during her Monday night appearance on WWHL, and today, she is actually defending James after throwing a drink on him in Mexico.

She tweeted, “We spent 8 months thinking one thing while something else was said. Sandoval & Jax created all of that bs, not James.”

In a separate interview with Us Weekly magazine, Kristen reveals she actually feels James got taken advantage of by the cast.

“James did nothing wrong. He didn’t,” said Kristen about his conversation with Tom Sandoval and Jax regarding the rumors. “That’s the crazy part for me is that when I watched it, even though there are captions, I had to rewind it multiple times just to like be sure what was said.”

“He very straight-up said ‘We hung out. Yeah, I hung out with her. I hung out with Kristen a little bit last night,’” Kristen continued. “And Jax went ‘Oh, so they fooled around, they did this.’ And it was like this nonstop where you see James’ sort of wheels during in his brain like ‘Wait, I didn’t say that. Did I say that?’ And he was clearly intoxicated and not capable of anything at that moment. And it was actually really sad watching it back, because he had no idea what he was even saying and they took advantage of him.”

Unfortunately for Kristen, despite her claims that the rumors are completely false, she shares that it did affect her relationship with her boyfriend Brian Carter.

“My relationship with Carter was definitely affected,” revealed Kristen. “I wouldn’t say he didn’t trust me, but I guess with this group where there’s smoke there’s fire and as much as Carter like loves me, and as much as he tries to not be affected by, like, rumors in the past, and I know that of him and I plead that of him, it’s still like ‘Well, you know. [It] was really difficult for Carter and I.”

Hard to know what to believe as both parties, Kristen and James, do have a history of cheating AND lying about the said cheating! But perhaps they are both telling the truth this time.

Photos Credit: Bravo



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